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I didn't even know a thing called a hit, really. What are your top mobile apps? Molly is a pretty special human being. The movie wasn't a hit when it came out, but I think there was word of mouth. Because the characters were so lovable and we tend to fall into that, it was just one of those magical things where we just enjoyed ourselves, and it felt more like play than work. But I thought the movie was very funny, and I loved my character. Freakin' and a groovin,' shakin' and a movin.'" Similarly Anthony Michael Hall appears with his sister and mother in the Breakfast Club; Mary Christian and Mercedes, who, respectively play his mean sister and mother who are chastising him in the car before he goes to detention.

Nakamura said, "Every single Asian dude who went to high school or junior high during the era of.

Based on his performance as another father character in Breaking Away, Paul Dooley was offered his role in this film but turned it down as he felt the character was just a stock Dad character without much development. Yeah. There are some cut scenes where Long Duk Dong and his Sexy Girlfriend go to a drive-in restaurant and cause a bit of trouble. But my first paycheck on that film was more than I made throughout my theater history in New York. Sixteen Candles 1984 Google Drive mp4 Duration 188 seconds Release 1984-05-04 Kuality ASF 720p VHSRip Categorie Comedy, Romance language English castname Fariz G. Orane, Diavian Y. Naim, Taegan O. Eklavya Haviland Morris, after playing Caroline Moffett in this movie, would go along to play Karen Pruitt in Home Alone 3, mother of the her Alex Pruitt. 1. 4. My No. Soundtracks, They didn't have enough money to air condition the gym, so it was over one hundred degrees during filming. Is this, uh, your car, Jake? So basically the scene with Jim/Sam and the scene with Brenda/Sam are the same scene; both invented by the writer/director at the last minute to convince actors Glynn and Dooley to stay with the movie even though they are playing what are otherwise teen movie parent stereotypes. Our fans are the most colorful, vivacious people. I didn't even know if I could pull it off, to be honest with you. All Rights Reserved. What do you want fans to know about you today? What do you want fans to know about your life today? I get all my news from BBC, 'cause it has less of an editorial bend to it than US news. He also never really spoke to either one of them again either, up until the time he died, and never collaborated in any other films. But it was also filmed, so I know it was stored in John Hughes' archive. I always say, "Can I take your picture? (Samantha Baker). The original school building has since been demolished, and is now the location of Oakton Community College. | She was salvaged in the 1950s, and is now displayed at the Vasa Museum. 1. I wish I could have gone further, in the sense of being more out there. John Hughes called Dooley personally and told him that he wrote a scene with Dooley and Ringwald's character, which became an iconic moment in the film. [Grunts] Here was this young, creative man who was gone so suddenly.

Incredibly playful. Five grand! If they would have kept that in the movie, I would have been the next rapper. Also, I recently got reacquainted with Justin Henry, and Gedde I've been friends with for 30 years, so it's a great opportunity to see them. Connections I want people to know that for the past 10 years or so, all over the world, people have been kind enough to come up and say, "Were you in 'Sixteen Candles'?" Describe your chemistry with Gedde on set. (Credit: Justin Henry). But it was the most fun I had ever had making a movie. The boy's lead name in this movie is Farmer. And I want people to know how much I appreciate this. One scene that really affected people is where he gets kicked at the end. He was so talented and could have done more. It's gonna be awesome. I heard from Debbie that you were shielded on the set from the other actors by your mother. He is also known for voicing the character of Ling in the animated film, Chicago sibling actors John and Joan Cusack appear in this together; as well as Say Anything and Broadcast News. No, this is my dad's car. I love Atomic Fart. Was there a message in "Sixteen Candles" that you think is still valuable for teens today? I use an app called Heads Up.

I read The Huffington Post. When Caroline and Ted wake up next to each other in the car, Caroline says she's fairly certain they had sex though neither of them remember it. Everyone was getting into it. Have roles for Asian or Asian-American actors improved in subsequent years? It was hard to get people in the theater.

It shows in her work and her life. My career has been on and off by choice, because at one point I stepped away from the business to raise my children. Have fun. #2 would be Molly with SIxteen Candles, Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink.

In late 2003, USA Network announced that a made-for-television sequel, to be called "32 Candles", was being planned, showcasing the original characters sixteen years after the original film. 3. Ironically; these two; who were frenemies in both movies; would wind up dating each other during the production of Breakfast Club. So? There was a scene that was cut out of the film that I wish someone could find, where he's rapping everything he likes about the American dream. [Chuckles] She's totally gone. I'm sure there was a lot of stuff going on.

I use my mobile banking app, which I won't give you the name of, but it starts with a B. Are we infiltrating like we should be?

I also wanted my character to have a name, so John named her Marlene, and she gets called that a couple times. Does the film have a message that still resonates with kids today? He really allowed us to feel everything out and experience it.

When Sam sees her grandparents for the first time, the theme song from. We were just so open to play. It comes down to the characters that people can identify with. Who's he?

By the end of its run, it grossed $23,686,027 against a budget of $6.5 million. A great deal of it was improvisational. But many felt the magic was gone, that without his teen muses Hall and Ringwald, and without the comfort of the genre he created, Hughes' spirit and creativity sort of died, and the movies he made after were never quite the same. 5. It was closed in 1980, just a few years before filming began. I use Waze, because I'm an LA guy. One aspect of Long that I really loved was that he was one of the few truly happy people in the film. Crazy Credits Who the hell? It was especially common in the American Midwest, where many such immigrants and their descendants settled after arriving in the United States. If people look closely, they'll see me pushing down on his shoulders, and I'm walking on my tiptoes to make him look smaller. Dooley said later on, he'd have viewers come to him and tell him that they wished he were their father, based on the scene.

Niles East was in Skokie, Illinois. To mark this momentous event, actors Gedde Watanabe, Debbie Pollack, and Justin Henry are attending a special screening of the '80s cult classic today at San Francisco's Castro Theatre. I don't have five grand. Quotes The movie's line "Can I borrow your underpants for ten minutes?" The clip taking caroline home from Sixteen Candles (1984) with Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Schoeffling

2. A number of interior/exterior shots involving the high school (in real life, Niles East, Skokie, Il) were also used in. Before she starred as Samantha's snotty sister Ginny in Sixteen Candles, Blanche Baker won a Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the television mini-series Holocaust in 1978, playing alongside such heavy weights as Meryl Streep and Joseph Bottoms. Who are you? Someone said that to me, and I just thought, "That's just so unnecessary. Hughes liked working with his stock company of young muses, Kapelos, Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall; etc. But that happens everywhere I go. This movie has gotten a great deal of criticism from some of its Asian-American viewers for its racial insensitivity, and its negative impact on their upbringings. (Ted Farmer, or "Farmer Ted" as he is nicknamed in the movie).

He was so comfortable. One of the biggest ones is about the love of a family. I think I found out in a text from a friend of mine who's a huge John Hughes fan. Interesting parallels with another Cusack related movie: Molly Ringwald and writer-director John Hughes share the same birthday, 18th February. ", 'cause I've created this gallery on my Facebook page called the Sexy American Girlfriend's Friends.

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