The Order

The Order of Royal and Select Masters – The missing link

The Order of Royal and Select Masters, or Cryptic Masonry as it is often known, is open to those who are currently subscribing Master Masons, Royal Arch Masons and Mark Master Masons. The Order consists of 4 highly dramatic degrees. These outline the initial steps taken during the building of the Holy Temple to preserve the holy vessels and sacred treasures in a secret vault, the burial of the master word by the two surviving Grand Master after Hiram’s death, the completion of the temple and finally the fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar and his army. It can be seen therefore than the Cryptic Degrees form a vital and interesting link between the Craft and Royal Arch, making the connection much more logical and completing the legend of King Solomon and his temple.

The Four degrees are as follows.

[one-fourth-first]Select Master  [/one-fourth-first]
[one-fourth] Royal Master[/one-fourth]
[one-fourth]Most Excellent Master [/one-fourth]
[one-fourth]Super Excellent Master[/one-fourth]

Advanced Degrees

Silver Trowel  Excellent Master