News from around the District of Lancashire

District Grand Council – On Saturday 15th February 2020 the annual meeting of District Grand Council took place at Pemberton Masonic Hall Wigan. There were 120 Companions at the meeting including 13 District Grand Masters from other Districts across the Country. Congratulations to all those Companions who were appointed and promoted to District Grand Rank. The next meeting of District Grand Council will take place on 20th February 2021.

Sandgrounder CouncilĀ Installation – On Wednesday 11th September Companion Fred Hargreaves was installed as Trice Illustrious Master. Fred was the first candidate in the newly consecrated Sandgrounder council. Fred is the Deputy Intendant General in the Red Cross of Constantine for the Division of West Lancashire. The evening was most enjoyable and everyone who took part are to be congratulated.

Founding of a New Silver Trowel Council – The District is in the process of founding a new Council which will be a the Council which confers the Silver Trowel Degree on the candidates each year. The qualifications to become a member are that your should have already have been awarded the Degree of Silver Trowel. The Council will hold one meeting in Chorely and the other at a venue chosen by the current trice Illustrious Master. If you are interested please contact District Grand Recorder.

Team Visits for 2019/20 – The team visits are to be

Adoniram Council No 272 on 5th November

St Johns Council No 8 on 19th December

All members of the District are most welcome to attend in addition to District officers. Please book in with council recorders.