i, anna plot explained

I cannot begin to say how much this story affected me, but your evaluation and insights are so exactly spot on! I really appreciate this, of course, and it made me reflect on how I reacted to the ending–such a splendid relief, that Bernie was there for her and that she allowed him to help her and be part of her “world.” I did not think it was a “romantic” ending. A man she went on a blind date with has shown up murdered, and she soon begins seeing the cop assigned to find out what really happened. And I agree with you: I think Gabriel and Charlotte were perfectly cast. Love the story and the casting, as you note, and the music means more to me each time I view it. Wow! Also, the flashback scenes to the apartment were quite poor. TWITTER By telling the story from the perspective of the … Strong performances by the leads and an exceptionally strong role for Rampling who has never been better. Unlike the novelist's book, Southcombe's movie strains to be a sort of thriller. Thanks for making this film and sharing your story with us. It was easy to write this essay about “I, Anna” because I was not writing about Gabriel Byrne. What I saw, almost from the very first frame, was a complex and intricate story about two people who are lost. War of the Worlds Season Two Filming Wraps Up! The 7 most confusing movie plot twists explained – Memento, Donnie Darko and more. <3, You can read more I, Anna stuff by searching the title in the big Search Box. I am glad you enjoyed the film. Thanks to a clever script and a delicate performance from Rampling, I Anna is an intriguingly Hitchcockian British thriller, but aside from two final-reel punches, Southcombe’s film loses itself somewhere along London’s backstreets. Rampling shows her expertise. PHOTOS: 7 Hot Films to Watch at Berlin Film Festival 2012. As I’ve said on many occasions now, I love this film.
I am glad I was able to come to the film I, Anna with a “tabula rasa.” I had not read the book and I had no expectations beyond the usual ones when you see a cast that includes Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne. Bernie standing on the balcony saying to Anna: “It doesn’t have to be this way.” And saying to her, by his presence, that she could be connected. Shot very nicely, but the plot is convoluted and nonsensical - as a result, it sort of seems like a mash up of two different films which is jarring.

... Anna (Sasha Luss) is a young beautiful girl who managed to make a career in the fashion world. Thanks for visiting Byrneholics!

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