whiskey of the month club

Each set contains vials of whiskey presented in a gift box. The Japanese scene is growing so big and fast and the whole world is adapting their whiskey drinking techniques, from the soapstone spherical ice balls to control water (and I hate this term) dilution, to recently buying Makers Mark from the Samuels family…Makers Mark…being Japanese owned now..?…and for a $13 billion dollar deal?!

I mentioned For Whiskey Lovers earlier but this is their American Whiskey Club, which focuses on bourbon.

Nevertheless, they don’t emphasize whiskey specifically. Some are may claim to deliver whiskeys from around the world, so it you could get a barrel strength Kentucky bourbon one month, and a Japanese blend the next. However, you do have to sign up for at least three months at a time. As such, you would need to try this club to really know what’s involved. Guess i’ll keep reading this list and decide.

As such, the products you get are likely to be different than what many other clubs offer. This may make it less than ideal if you are wanting to learn more about what you’re drinking. September 5, 2017 by Food For Net 10 Comments. You also get two bottles of bourbon each month and one ‘wild card’, which can include rye, malt or another type of grain/blended whiskey.

With this case, you get sent one bottle each month, based on the group’s ‘Amanda’s Selections’.

As such, this is a better choice for anyone who already has a decanter or doesn’t plan to use one. There is no indication about the size of the samples or how many you receive. Discover a world of whisky with The W Club.

The company itself is a wine merchant from Chicago.

The whiskey comes with tasting notes and information about the whiskey, giving you more insight into what you’re drinking. As such, you’re mostly going to be getting mainstream products, rather than whiskey from small-batch or indie producers.

The truth is that while there are all sorts of people who love beer and wine, whiskey is often considered more sophisticated. This offers a tasting box with four miniature bottles of whiskey. However, be aware that Pour More is a relatively new club compared to many of the others on this list. The Bourbon Explorer is also a great bourbon subscription gift for that special person in your life. As with other clubs, you get one bottle per month and you won’t know what it is ahead of time. As such, the selections may not be as good as the more dedicated companies.

Basically, the boxes act as collections of products that promote various passions/vices, including whiskey appreciation. The clubs also allow members to learn about the differences between various types of whiskey, especially bourbon. I have wanted to be apart of one of these clubs for a while. One way in which you can make sure that you always have a steady supply of quality liquor is to join a whiskey of the month club. Spirited Gifts seems to focus on every possible alcohol-related gift, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they have an Irish Whiskey Club too.

Likewise, there is a Jack Daniel’s Gift Basket that comes in a black basket along with chocolate, cookies and a hip flask. In addition to the information, a basic membership costs $60 per quarter and comes with one tasting box in that period. The company also mentions that some have won awards. The starting rate is $75 per month, although this decreases if you pay for six months or more at a time. The club from The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society is unusual, simply because the company has such a strong focus on scotch whiskey anyway. This form of whiskey is distilled from corn, and usually made in America. Send Liquor is one of my last choices for a whiskey club but their Scotch of the Month Club does have some unusual features.

This offers a greater chance to get obscure whiskeys and ones you might not buy yourself. The Whiskey Order is a popular monthly subscription box that also offers samples rather than full bottles of whiskey. There are Highland giants, Speyside stalwarts, a gentle Lowlander as well as a taste of Islay. This also means that you do actually get alcohol with the products, rather than just glassware and snacks.

The basic subscription here costs $75 and offers four flights of whiskey each quarter. The emphasis is on less common bourbon, which includes small-batch, rare and premium products.

You’re welcome Shelley.

I’d think that more people would be apt to drink beer than whiskey, but I guess the “craft” scene isn’t as widely popular as everyone says.

The focus of this club is on bourbon and rye from independent companies, although the company also provides some less conventional whiskey options occasionally.

Another slightly questionable club is the Beginner Bourbon of the Month Club from Aries Wine and Spirits.

The price is related to the whiskey, as the company provides premium single malt scotches for each of the months.

The concierge service gives access or rare bottles and gifts.

For ideas on getting good whiskeys at a cheap price, you'll want to browse some Top 10 lists based on what you're looking for, e.g.

If it’s a good whiskey, most of them are going to be great! click a link to skip to that section and see all clubs with that theme. The club itself is a set three-month membership and offers one 750ml bottle for each of those months.

If you are looking for “discount” whiskeys, then this is the wrong list. The higher tiers still offer one bottle per month but are more expensive.

The membership offers one 750 ml bottle of whiskey every month, with the ability to cancel anytime. You might have never had the chance to truly explore whiskies, but a whiskey taster’s club can point you in the right direction.

The company is also more transparent than most and you can even see feedback from customers, along with images of some of the boxes. Nevertheless, the club is an interesting alternative and the samples you receive are impressive. That includes sous vide, slow cooking, grilling, smoking, and homemade pizzas. But don’t worry! Prop 65 warning for CA residents: WARNING: Drinking Distilled Spirits, Beer, Coolers, Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages May Increase Cancer Risk, and, During Pregnancy, Can Cause Birth Defects.

The company itself does have a good reputation and connections in the industry. The general whiskey club offers bottles from a variety of styles, including bourbon, scotch, Japanese and Irish whiskey, as well as others.

There are also similar services for 21 years and 30 years whiskey, although these are considerably more expensive. I, myself, belong to a wine of the month club. There are also many different sets of products on offer. Additionally, the whiskeys do come with bottle notes.

You might already spend a certain amount of money on alcohol on the weekends, so you don’t want to obtain an expensive subscription only to find that you haven’t even tried many of the whiskeys month later.

Subscribe to our Explorer Safari subscription to embark on a journey of whisky discovery every month. Those whiskeys are announced a week or two in advance, which would give people time to opt out or skip the choice for a particular month.

Skip to the trial dram section to view which clubs offer those.

For many people, the additional costs may not be worth it. There is a bourbon focus, so you should mostly get bourbon.

Most clubs deliver full bottles of bourbon, but some send small sample bottles instead. This pattern lets you experience a wide range of products and work out which ones you prefer. If that’s the case, trying out many small samples is going to work much better than a large bottle every month.

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