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Seungyeon suddenly got jealous when Jonghyun began talking about his love interest in the drama he was filming.She responds by telling him that she also has a love interest in her drama. On the last day of their Japan vacation, the couple rode a rickshaw.They had a compliment battle by complimenting each other constantly.Jonghyun got out of the rickshaw and started pulling Seungyeon himeself.Seungyeon stared and admired at Jonghyun’s wide back as he pulled in the rickshaw.What did “Back Gangster” Jonghyun look like from behind?

After giving her the prseent, he told her that Joy will end up liking him 100 times more than right now. What could have been the truth about their wish that made them both embarrassed? The two continued their Japan vacation by taking a train to Nagoya, where Jonghyun had rented a traditional Japanese dwelling for them to stay in.

The two ended their schedule and went back to their lodgings.

Jaerim says he will help Soeun tie her hair, can’t follow her instructions properly.

The two try to restist looking at each other in the hot spring. However, Joy’s father asked Sungjae a surprising question when he mentioned he would “protect” Joy.

The conclusion of round 2 of the wrestling match that started in Turkey? What kind of expression did Jonghyun make that Seungyeon demanded an encore? After that, they returned to Korea and discovered the reality about their wish. The members of Red Velvet got on the bus, which then headed to pick up Sungjae and Joy. Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon - First Japan Vacation. We Got Married with English Subtitles (Nichkhun Victoria) We Got Married with English Subtitles (Nichkhun Victoria) February 20, 2019 February 20, 2019 by SMile. Since he was drinking with Joy for the first time, Sungjae decided to call her father to ask for permission. Enjoy Today with English Subtitles.

What did he actually want to do the moment he saw her? The two spent the night singing in the karaoke room that Jaerim made. The following We Got Married S4 Episode 247 English SUB has been released.

As soon as they got married, they left on a trip to Japan.

The two changed into yukatas and washed up, both showing their no-makeup faces. They took pictures and got closer on the bullet train ride. Sorry, everybody, due to the personal situations of the subbers, there won’t be subtitles this week.

The couple went to an amusement park on Jeju island. They attempt the ride called “Disco Pang Pang”. How did Seungyeon change her clothes to make Jonghyun embarrassedly look away? Once again, sorry for the problems, So Eun & Jae Rim episode 28 - Moving to a new house. The response of everyone around?

They answered the door in the morning to a frightening sight that made Sungjae speechless. As they went up the ferris wheel, they thought about what cheesy, cute names to call each other.

Seungyeon hesitantly asked if they are sleeping here tonight.

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