recent ransomware attacks 2019

Common ransomware is usually distributed via massive spam campaigns and exploit kits, but Ryuk is specifically used in targeted attacks. Based on OSINT, days after the attack was reported, Armor identified 9 Texas cities or law enforcement groups that had become victims. SamSam has attacked a wide range of industries in the US, mainly critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, healthcare companies, and city municipalities.

Armor published several threat intelligence reports this year concerning ransomware and was quoted frequently in the press. The Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques; Ransomware Retrospective report just released by Malwarebytes suggests cybercriminals are increasingly targeting businesses with ransomware rather than consumers in search of more Bitcoin per attack.

However, the city chose not to pay to hackers and instead recovered the data through critical backups. It also revealed Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to be a new potential threat to business continuity. The ransomware variant used in this case was iEncrypt and was delivered through capabilities enabled by another malicious attack, Dridex. As the city was having a cyber insurance cover of $3 million, Mayor LaToya Cantrell expects the mitigation and recovery costs will never exceed the insured sum. Among a cluster of Texas towns, the first multi-city ransomware attack occurred on August 17. Estimation of recovery and mitigation costs is yet to be known. 15. Interestingly, it appears to have both ransomware and wiper capabilities.

Georgia Ransomware Attack- In March last year, hackers infected the servers at the Jackson County Georgia with Ryuk Ransomware.

Since then, GandCrab has been constantly evolving. Katyusha is an encryption ransomware Trojan that was first observed in October 2018. November 18, 2019 – State of Louisiana was the target of a ransomware attack that took down the state’s Office of Motor Vehicles, Department of Health and Department of Public Safety. The latest variants of 2019 have file extensions .gif .AUF, .USA, .xwx, .best, and .heets. However, the company suggests cybercriminals will target less common and more vulnerable victims, such as individuals with high net values and connected devices (IoT).

Lake City, Florida paid $530,000 in bitcoin to cybercriminals to unlock its data in June and fired its IT manager for not protecting the organizations from the attacks. In Hollywood movies involving kidnappers, there are often oversimplifications and outright untruths. The healthcare industry also holds the dubious honor of experiencing the largest ransom demand of the year—$14million—when Virtual Care Provider, Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was struck in November. All phone systems, water utilities, email servers were hit by the malware which targeted the systems in May’19. The company elected not to pay the ransom and endured the painful and expensive process of rebuilding the assets that were lost. November 15, 2019 – French hospital Rouen University Hospital-Charles Nicolle network attacked with ransomware. It’s been reported that while a technologist worked tirelessly to respond to the attack, employees were forced to go home on unpaid leave until the incident was contained. Key lessons learned from this year's ransomware attacks.

The second time the Spanish entities have been hit by ransomware (hit with the notorious WannaCry ransomware in 2017), Hackers demanded $835,923 ransom to get a decryption key to unlock their files, All five sites operated by the hospital affected, Forced hospital to operate in degraded mode, Telephone instead of email communications, No variant of ransomware was disclosed or a ransom amount, Trickbot used Microsoft Group Policy and PsExec software to spread the ransomware across multiple Active Directory domains, The state is slowly getting affected systems back online, Nearly every piece of data needed to run the school district was locked with ransomware. The malware package contains EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits which are used to spread over the network. It mainly focuses on big targets like enterprises that can pay a lot of money to recover their files. Dharma uses an AES 256 algorithm to encrypt files, while simultaneously deleting shadow copies. The hackers reportedly demanded $6 million in bitcoins. And the city paid $460,000 to hackers to recover its data. In March last year, hackers infected the servers at the Jackson County Georgia with Ryuk Ransomware.
Riviera Beach paid $600,000 to decrypt communications systems and city servers.

The ransomware attack which took place on December 13th of last year is said to have cost the city $3 million.

When Ryuk ransomware first appeared in late 2018, many researchers assumed it was tied to North Korea as Ryuk shares much of its code base with Hermes ransomware. A sample of the ransomware shared to malware analysis site VirusTotal shows that only a handful of anti-malware products can detect and neutralize the LockerGoga malware. This year has ushered in a resurgence in ransomware activity.

Required fields are marked *. It also spent around $300,000 to buy an efficient firewall, an insurance cover, upgrade of hardware and software and purchase of some software licenses from Microsoft along with credit monitoring services and some professional IT services. 4. (source: TSG Sunday Guardian Live) Ryuk seemed to have been the most active …

Arizona Beverages Company leaves company crippled by ransomware attack after backup recovery strategy fails. Healthcare organizations were a rich target in 2019. The Baltimore attack continued to make headlines throughout the year including the firing the IT director who allegedly warned the city, budget committees poaching funds from parks and recreation to pay for the fix, and the discovery of $5.6 million in unused funds since 2007 that might have been used to reduce exposure. And the county bowed down to the demands of hackers and paid $400,000 as a ransom to free up data back from the malware. As this number is constantly growing and ransomware is becoming more sophisticated, we decided to put together a list of some of the most popular ransomware attacks out there.
Lake City Ransomware attacks Florida- Hackers reportedly disrupted the entire computer network of Lake city in June last year through Ryuk Ransomware. Companies will continue to struggle with the morality or business decision of paying ransom. 1. Using Dridex, attackers are able to get unlimited access across the network to confiscate passwords, spy on traffic traversing the network, and more.

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