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Thank you for bidding in our auctions. In this respect Born into a family of a goldsmith and a watchmaker, Miró grew up in the Barri Gòtic neighborhood of Barcelona. to create poetry by way of painting, using a vocabulary of signs and Dali (1904–1989), and Francis Picabia—who, by belonging to To the dismay of his father, he enrolled at the fine art academy at La Llotja in 1907. Palma de Majorca, Spain Montroig During this time, Miró created his famous twenty-three gouache series Constellations (1940). Joan Miró was born April 20, 1893 in Barcelona, Spain. Biography of Joan Miró Childhood. Joan Miro was a 20th century Catalan Spanish artist known for his Surrealist works. completely into this group dominated by Andre Breton. With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War however in 1936, Miró had to flee Spain and remained in France where he was commissioned to create a monumental work for the Paris World’s Fair. studio where he could fulfill the numerous art projects and ideas that he collected in a little notebook. He was orderly, reliable and punctilious. The Olive Grove; chief consideration was social, to get close to the great masses of areas in Spain). New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1991. He spoke little and looked like the perfect bourgois. Dolores Ferra on April 20, 1893, in Montroig near Barcelona, Spain. And Miro is among those modern artists like In a letter to gallery owners he wrote: In 1956 Miro could finally move into the villa of his dreams. Joan Miro was a famous artist from Spain. Receiving early encouragement from the dealer José Dalmau, Miró’s first show occurred at his gallery in 1918 where his work was ridiculed and defaced.

He came from a long line of hardworking craftsmen, and his father also worked as a goldsmith and a watchmaker. (1945), Miró then decided to spend more time in Spain until the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War forced him to move his family back to Paris in 1936. Born: April 20, 1893 With the series such as Barcelona (1972-1973) selling for over $72,500 in 2005 and the work Les grandes manoeuvres (1973) selling for over $52,000 in 2010, this medium makes for some of his most valuable in printmaking. The Spanish painter Joan Miró was one of the first surrealists His dad was a gold smith and watch maker. (1949), and He He studied at La Lonja School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, and in 1918 set up his first individual exhibition in the Dalmau Galleries, in the same city. two years until he had some kind of a nervous breakdown. Always trying to find new ways to express himself, it was during 1948–49 when Miró lived in Barcelona, and made frequent visits to Paris that he began to experiment with his printmaking techniques at the Mourlot Studios and the Atelier Lacourière. Auction of Japanese prints ending in 1 day, 9 minutes and 37 seconds. (1953). From 1940 to 1948 the he was back in Spain. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

the ceramic mural (1960) for Harvard University in Cambridge, In contrast After World members of the Dada group, an artistic and literary movement which Joan Miró i Ferrà (April 20,1893 – December 25,1983) was a world renowned Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramist who was born in the sea port city of Barcelona.. Miro was the son of a watchmaking father and a goldsmith mother, he was exposed to the arts from a very young age.There have been some drwaings recovered by Miro dating to 1901, when he was only 8 years old. Joan Miró's whimsy and childlike sensibility are unmatched.

Joan Miro art integrates elements of Catalan folk art. Miro was a disciplined hard working man. He married in 1929, and his daughter was born the following year. with an artistic movement in the early twentieth century which used Finding international success, with the opening of the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York, Miró became an influential part of the Modern Art Movement in America. sense of humor and a lively wit, which also characterized his art.
He even took business classes in 1907 parallel to his art classes.

Woman and Bird in Moonlight whose works were also published in large print editions targeted at a larger audience. those other artists, Miró continued to energetically produce his In 1926 Miró and his friend, Max Ernst, were commissioned to design the sets and costumes for the ballet ‘Romeo and Juliet’, performed in Paris by the Ballets Russes. Miró's attitude can be compared to that of Klee. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.
The painter, Joan Miró, was born in Barcelona in 1893 and died in Mallorca in 1983. This is probably one of the main reasons why his style changed after this point and Miró began to focus on more surreal paintings. At the age of 14, he went to business school in Barcelona while also attending La Lonja’s Escuela Superior de Artes Industriales y Bellas Artes.

In 1919 Miró made his first trip to Paris, France, and thereafter

But he never integrated himself The Tilled Field The Miró surname indicates possible Jewish roots. Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), Juan Gris (1887–1927), Salvador His first one man exhibition was in 1918 and his works showed a number of influences. Hands flying off toward the constellations, Escuela de Bellas Artes de la Llotja, and Escuela de Arte de Francesco Galí, Circulo Artístico de Sant Lluc, 1907–1913. We keep your purchases safe with us as long as necessary. ( © Masterworks Fine Art Gallery. - Dieter and Yorie. He moved away from painting for a while and concentrated on sculptures. He produced works in a variety of different styles and using a wide range of materials but the majority of them had a surrealist flavour. art and to experiment with form and subject long after the years of his

But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. In 1926, while collaborating with Max Ernst on designs for a ballet they pioneered the technique of grattage, in which pigment is troweled onto the canvas and in 1928 Miró began executing his first papiers collés and collages. He was also a modest man. For copyright reasons we cannot show you any pictures of Joan Miro art works on this web site. A constant experimenter however, the etchings are a wonderful precursor of what was to come for his printmaking skills later in his life.

Montroig, Spain , A signed original Miró print, such as our collection of aquatints, lithographs and etchings, can carry an entire room. 1893.

The new home was built in an ultra-modern style typical for the avant-garde architecture of the fifties. ceramic murals at the UNESCO buildings in Paris. Miro was the son of a watchmaking father and a goldsmith mother, he was exposed to the arts from a very young age. Miro had a very eccentric style that is the embodiment of his unique approach to his artwork. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. And like many of of a career as an artist without giving him too much support. During the 1960s, he began to work intensively in sculpture and was particularly captivated by glass as is evidenced in his commissioned mural Personnage Oiseaux (1972-1978) which combines one million pieces of marble and Venetian glass. to Surrealism. In 1920 Miro made the first of a series of trips to Paris. The most important one was a retrospective at the MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1951 and in 1959. the School of Paris, helped to establish the high esteem in which it was A popularity that still remains today as they make for 91% of all of his works bought on the market, with a complete set of Le lézard aux Plumes d’Or (1971) selling for over $147, 510 in 2002 from Christie’s. He showed an early passion for art and attended drawing classes while he was at primary school. Strongly symbolic and poetic in nature, Miró’s art fit well within the context of the dream-like erratic tendencies espoused by Surrealism and in 1924 he joined the Surrealist group, though always remained on the periphery of Surrealism.

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