jack harlow review

It would also be hypocritical to say I never enjoyed the lascivious lyrics of Too $hort or sang along to a Post Malone song. “I feel resentment from every direction … I be discouraged from sharing my blessings” quips Harlow. Harlow was energetic and confident, and the whole room loved him, even the adults that previously seemed unfazed. With a major label backing him, a home grown fan base from his own life-long hustle, and an undeniable charismatic charm to his delivery, “Sweet Action” suggest Harlow is one rapper to keep an eye on. Photo by Urban Wyatt, Words by Evan Showalter, WriterJanuary 23, 2019. G-Eazy & Jack Harlow, Moana | Track Review May 5, 2020 Posted by the musical hype Music, Pop Culture, Reviews, Singles & Tracks Reading Time: 2 min read. That swagger begins in the form of a chorus, which certainly runs on the long side – longer than your standard chorus at least.

I just stayed put and ignored the traditional concession stand food smell that wrapped around the ballroom. His performance effortlessly invoked jumping, arm swaying, head swinging, and smiles.

This was one of the biggest social events in all of Louisville, and it did not disappoint. It was easy to forget to check the time and suddenly it was hours later, or just as easy to check every ten minutes in hopes that Harlow would be out soon, depending on your opinion of the artists. The Homies are a five-person rap/hip hop group from Louisville that frequently collaborates with Jack Harlow. When he left, The Homies came out. I found myself constantly checking my phone or scanning the stage and balcony, hoping to catch a glimpse of Harlow.

The autotune made the whole group sound the same, and all the songs seemed to blend together. He’s back with another new single, “Automatic,” which appears on the star-studded Madden NFL 21 soundtrack. Eventually a DJ came out and got the crowd even more excited with some popular songs by Travis Scott, Migos, and Drake. He and his friend Cope burned 40 copies of their album and sold them for $2 apiece. It’s not that The Homies sounded bad, they just went on for too long when it was a concert meant for Jack Harlow. Even when I think I’m about to burn out on Harlow for being a carbon copy of the current trends, he drops a song like “Hey Big Head” where he alternates back and forth between the singing and the spitting so seamlessly that it’s honestly pretty fresh. It also showed how important it is to the youth of Louisville. Anytime I saw someone moving on the stage, a wave of excitement would rush through me, only to be slightly disappointed that it was a technician. Furthermore, Harlow has the honor of being selected in the 2020 XXL Freshman class – pretty awesome if you ask me.

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