feng shui meaning of broken glass

Good luck!

Light a candle. I’ll give it a try. It made me recall an earlier incident I had with my own feng shui.

I would begin by asking you detailed questions about your life and your habits and about the house and how you arrived there, I would examine the floorplan and photos you give me, and then I would give you a written assessment along with plans to solve the feng shui problems you are having. Assisted thousands of proud property owners. Thank you for getting back to me. The good news is you already know the root cause of the problem (the previous owner died in the house). I have 2 cats and its possible that they may be responsible for some of it, but I am almost never around to see it break until its already broken. Could this have an effect? Just replace them quickly and if that still worries you, then you need to make a symbolic gesture of putting the broken pieces back again.

We don’t do tarot cards or anything like that but we do watch ghost stories and the show ghost hunters a lot.

If you have a site we could do a link exchange, too. Broken glass at a workplace signifies delay in government work, loss in business and problems in customer relationships.

My wife is pregnant in her 7,5 month and since, say, two month, we break every day glasses in the whole appartement. After about a week I was sitting with a glass of juice and I dropped the glass and it landed on the large heavy piece of glass from the coffee table and shattered it. I should ask: has there been any recent activity that may have indicated you accidentally invited the ghost to show up?

We live here for at least 1,5 years and before nothing happened. A mirror should be sized such that it reflects your entire face or head, otherwise you may face mental stress. Since, that direction changes each Chinese SOLAR year… make it a rule that any damaged glass is removed immediately.

A mirror should be sized such that it reflects your entire face or head, otherwise you may face mental stress. It may take up to 9 days in a row or even 27 and it may stir up the energy a bit before it actually works. With the legacy and trust acquired by DB Group, we at Homeonline know the difference between finding a Home Vs House. For example, if your face looks thin/fat/distorted or the level of the floor does not appear to be flat, it is time to change the mirror. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thank you for your interest in Feng Shui By Fishgirl! When you work with your tarot cards, it’s always best to do a formal open and close.

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Give us a missed call at 8824887700 and we will call you back. Here’s what I wrote back:

What is interesting is one was outside , where it was cold .

Homeonline.com is an online real estate marketplace ideated by the DainikBhaskar Group. I would not worry about it too much.

State the intention that you are banishing all energy that does not belong to you and your cats, send all energy that is not yours and your cats to The Creator (or whatever your belief system is in that regard). Best,

Hello- I had a similar experience yesterday. Change ). Never look at yourself in a cracked mirror; this act symbolizes an upcoming problem.

Water in the "love corner" (the top right section of your home) If you are in a stable relationship that …

4. I can also see my aura..I have yet to master on others.Please help!!

Forgot keys and glass on stovetop and in both cases I should hav been seriously harmed and was not .

Some people use glue to put the broken pieces of the crystal together, while some decide to discard the crystal. 2.

You can do that in the park, in the forest, in your own garden, or even in the soil of your favorite potted plant. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

Namaste, J. Dear J,

That being said, just based on your comments here, I would advise you to do a thorough smudging/space clearing of your space by yourself. SHA SHA SHA SHATTERED: Can feng shui stop the breaking glasses?


Do a thorough smudging of the property and reclaim the space for yourself!

It could be just a crack in the glass that finally gave way. Katy. Could my dog’s spirit not have passed over? This was a Sunday. It seems like the cats wouldn’t have mad such a clean break. And I will put the food in the center I hit the wine glass and fell in the table it broke the wine glass ,what’s the meaning of hit?

Is there too much qi energy in the house. I had a glass cutting board , which I left on a glass top cook stove I put it there and some pots on it as my cat kept jumping up and I was worried about her getting her paws burned. Unless it happens repeatedly (ie: if you replace the bowl and it happens again!) I am an Interior Designer with an Architect hubby and we are really curious about Feng Shui. So, I have had an interesting problem since we moved in. Tell your friends about my blog. I’m in a rush and will have to keep it a bit short, but so excited to talk to you about this!!

I am a positive person but have been greatly challenged these past years.

Then blow out the candle and put away the cards. GIVING UP THE GHOST | Feng Shui By Fishgirl, https://fengshuibyfishgirl.com/tag/space-clearing/. It started happening more recently, and seems to only be happening to me in the home.

Buyer attention | Higher Visibility | More Responses, Sacham Highway Realestate Private Limited, Arms Real Estate Developers Private Limited. Ltd. 6 tips to evade negative effects of broken glass.

I hope you got good references as there are a lot of inexperienced people out there.

If you decide it is best to let the crystal go, the most beautiful and respectful way to return the crystal back to earth is to bury the crystal in the soil.

Explore thousands of projects & properties available in your city. They seem to be happening more frequently.

Assorted Real estate videos demystifying complexities. Thanks for the feedback, Cindy! ... Not every broken glass has meaning. what do you think about all this?

Hi Katy. . If you have a vehicle with a cracked windshield/window, replace it immediately because it may lead to accidents and high maintenance cost. I have some ceramic items around the house to that I am always trying to glue back together.

I’m really new to all this.

This is the first time I reached out to anyone about the subject. Replace this glass immediately. Broken glass at a workplace signifies delay in government work, loss in business and problems in customer relationships.

Please help. To avoid the 7 years of bad luck you do not have to call no witch, you just have to change the broken mirror with a new one.

Please get back to me and I’ll give you more information.

Sort of the Congress of Soviet Union. As far as I recall it has mostly been clear glass, drinking glasses, wine glasses, even bowls.

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