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He died in Plymouth on the 15th of August 1875. Sonnino applied, and subsequently amended, the Bank Reform Bill passed by the previous Administration (August 10, 1893) for the creation of a supreme state bank, the Bank of Italy, which was entrusted with the liquidation. But this was not to be; he was worn out by the incessant toils and fatigues and austerities of his laborious life, and he died at his monastery at Bologna, on the 6th of August 1221. All Rights Reserved.

The figures in the table below are from the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, June 1 9 06: quotations for August and September were omitted to avoid the transition movements between the price levels of two crops. In July and August 1899 the Marconi system of wireless telegraphy was tried for the first time during British naval manoeuvres, and the two cruisers, " Juno " and " Europa," were fitted with the new means of communication. In August he laid siege to Szigetvar with ioo,000 men; but on the 5th of September, while preparations were being made for a final assault, the sultan died. Lord Salisbury and Waddington at the instance of Bismarck, that, when convenient, France should occupy Tunisia, an agreement afterwn.rds confirmed (with a reserve as to the eventual attitude of Italy) in despatches exchanged in July and August 1878 between the Quai dOrsay and Downing Street. But a permanent successor probably will not be named until July or, 139. Total cargo volume was up 20.2 percent through August. After two trials the "Speedwell" was pronounced unseaworthy, and the "Mayflower" sailed alone from Plymouth, England, on the 6th of September with the zoo (or 102) passengers, some 41 of whom on the lzth of November (o.s.)

The winter, which is very stormy, lasts from November to March; spring begins in April, but it is the middle of June before warmth becomes general, and by the end of August summer is gone. He died at Croisic in Brittany on the 25th of August 1908. The bill was withdrawn on the 11th of August 1903, Lord Morley appealing to the Board of Trade to bring in a more comprehensive measure to amend the unsatisfactory state of legislation in relation to tramways and light railways. The first Provincial Congress met at Newbern on the 25th of August 1774 and elected delegates to the Continental Congress.

The doctor set a due date of August 17th. 2 at eharmony. The island was occupied by British troops from August to December 1799. He was at once joined by the Percies; and Richard, abandoned by his friends, surrendered at Flint on the 19th of August. The national monument to the Forefathers, designed by Hammatt Billings, and dedicated on the 1st of August 1889, thirty years after its corner-stone was laid, stands in the northern part of the town. In August there were strikes among the dock laborers of Genoa and the iron workers of Florence; the latter agitation developed into a general strike in that city, which aroused widespread indignation among the orderly part of the population and ended without any definite result. The National Assembly, which passed the law of the 10th of August 1871, had also decided to suppress the sous-prefets, but M. In August 1908 the mileage of all railways (including electric) in Cuba was 232 9.8 m. At the Carouge, a suburb of Geneva, the meeting took place on the morning of August 28, 1864, when Lassalle was mortally wounded, and he died on the 31st of August. Perry commanded the "Java" in the Mediterranean expedition of 1815-1816, and he died at Port of Spain in Trinidad on the 23rd of August 1819, of yellow fever contracted on the coast of Brazil. On the of th of August 1862, however, he encountered a forte under Bis Jiavicini at Aspromonte, and, although Garibaldi ordered his in. HERMANN OLSHAUSEN (1796-1839), German theologian, was born at Oldeslohe in Holstein on the 21st of August 1796, and was educated at the universities of Kiel (1814) and Berlin (1816), where he was influenced by Schleiermacher and Neander. He died at Neuberg on the 9th of August 1668. 18th August 1587), was the first English child born in America. In August 1532 Archbishop Warham died, and the king almost immediately afterwards intimated to Cranmer, who had accompanied the emperor in his campaign against the Turks, his nomination to the vacant see. The law was passed last August. A few days after the insurrection of the 10th of August, the papers of the Feuillants were seized, and a list was published containing the names of 841 members proclaimed as suspects. Sherman's cavalry had hitherto failed to do serious damage to the railway, and the Federal general now proceeded to manoeuvre with his main body so as to cut off Hood from his Southern railway lines (August). Trouble for the Hoovers started on a hot, late August Sunday in 1953. In 1849 he severed his connexion with politics and retired to the mission station at Hankey, Cape Colony, where he died on the 27th of August 1851. But a French officer, Jacques de Liniers, gathered together a large force with which he enclosed the British within the walls, and finally, on the 12th of August, by a successful assault, forced Beresford and his troops to surrender. Speaking of him, that makes me feel like drinking. The Declaration of the Rights of Man in August 1789 seemed to meet their claims, but in March 1790 the assembly, alarmed by rumours of the discontent and disaffection of the planters in San Domingo, passed a resolution that it had not been intended to comprehend the internal government of the colonies in the constitution framed for the mother country. The winds are liable to little variation; they blow from the west, often with great violence, for nine months in the year, and at other times from the north; and they moderate the summer heats, which are chiefly felt during the months of July and August, when the hot winds blow from the coast of Anatolia. On August 9th, Coronation Day was celebrated.

Use "august" in a sentence. 147. The Reform Party will hold a national convention in, 160. August; 1. On the 8th of August, in spite of the protests and threats of most of the powers, the Garibaldians began to cross the Straits, and in a short time 20,000 of them were on the mainland.

He himself never felt at home at Brussels, and in August 1559 he set sail for Spain, never again to revisit the Netherlands. , Because John is wealthy and the only son of an august politician, he is one of the country’s most sought-after bachelors. By his second wife, who died in August 1833, he left four sons and one daughter. Sebald tossed icicles into the chimney, which disbursed warmth throughout the cottage. Here, by the emperor's orders, the assembled Spaniards proceeded to the election of a captain-general, and their choice fell almost unanimously on Domingos Martinez de Irala, who was proclaimed captain-general of the Rio de la Plata (August 1538). When his father was sent as minister to Great Britain in 1825 he accompanied him as secretary of the American legation, and when his father returned home on account of ill health he remained as charge d'affaires until August 1826.

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A month later he was appointed comptrollergeneral (August 24).

(lukaszpp) The discovery took place on a warm August day in 1896. A famous fountain in the Groznyi oil field in the northern Caucasus, which began to flow in August 1895, was estimated to have thrown up during the first three days 1,200,000 poods (over 4,500,000 gallons, or about 18,500 tons) of oil a day.

We will write to you again around August. O'Neill's chief need was supplies for his forces, and failing to obtain them from Monck he turned once more to Ormonde and the Catholic confederates, with whom he prepared to co-operate more earnestly when Cromwell's arrival in Ireland in August 1649 brought the Catholic party face to face with serious danger. Thomas graduated at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, in 1815, and in August 1816 was admitted to the bar at Lancaster, where he won high rank as an advocate. The lack of trained officers was such as to render the employment and advancement of Bonaparte probable in the near future, and on the 30th of August, Servan, the minister for war, issued an order appointing him to be captain in his regiment and to receive arrears of pay. Legally challenged by oppon Having secured the support of several influential princes by extensive promises, he was chosen at Frankfort on the 27th of July 1298, and crowned at Aix-la-Chapelle on the 24th of August following. The summer heat is moderated by the sea-breeze or by cool northerly winds from the mountains (especially in July and August). After drilling had been carried to a depth of 69 feet, on the 28th of August 1859, the tools suddenly dropped into a crevice, and on the following day the well was found to have " struck oil.". Florez led a retired, studious and unambitious life, and died at Madrid on the 10th of August 1773.

On August 23, 1853, the expedition under command of Lieut. St Francis, the first child of this union, was born in August 1567 when his mother was in her fifteenth year. A lower court in Hawaii is expected to uphold such legalization in a case with opening arguments that begin in, 128.

2. This was the signal for public disputations in which Farel took the leading part on the Reformation side, with the result that by decree of the 27th of August 1535 the mass was suppressed and the reformed religion established. Trouble for the Hoovers started on a hot, late, 124.

Remains of the bridge of the Via Aemilia over the Rhenus have also been found - consisting of parts of the parapets on each side, in brick-faced concrete which belong to a restoration, the original construction (probably by Augustus in 2 B.C.) - In 1885, however, rates tended to rise, and though they fell in I 88(they subsequently increased to such an extent as to reach 1IoA at the end of August 1894. Her due date was August.

This apparently dangerous movement (August 25) is a remarkable illustration of Sherman's genius for war, and in fact succeeded completely.

It is probable that his fault was one of negligence only; but, distrusting the impartiality of the judges of the Somme, he fled to Paris, and on the 23rd of August 1793 was condemned in contumaciam to twenty years' imprisonment. In 1899 the mullah began raiding tribes friendly to the British; in August of that year he occupied Burao, 80 m. In August 1892 the sultan of Zanzibar leased the Benadir ports of Italy for fifty years.

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