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Instead, he drinks whisky and goes to sleep.

The train to Pakistan shows how themes of love and religion cause mankind to do unthinkable things that include heartbreaking actions.

For Chand, the justification for the arrest is less relevant than Iqbal’s background.

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Saving face is more important than properly solving a crime. By mid-morning, the subinspector drives to the police station at Chundunnugger. Not affiliated with Harvard College. In some ways, the Mano Majrans live for whatever new spectacle comes their way. They are Sikh, but Chand wishes they were Muslim.

Nooran is grateful and returns home.

The white pill is a water purification tablet. At the police station, Hukum Chand has grown exasperated with the growing pile of bodies.

Hukum Chand, who is magistrate comes in his American car but later resigns due to heavy tensions of the town. Book: Train to Pakistan. The leader leads everyone in a prayer for the success of their mission, and then gathers the mob to plan their attack. The sacrifices that he is willing to make are the sort that would earn him attention.

Enraged at the loss of law and order, they plan their own attack on a trainful of Muslims leaving British India.

“A big man” climbs the steel span of the bridge; it is Jugga, though no one recognizes him.

Published in 1956, the novel draws upon Singh’s own experiences during and after the Partition of India in 1947, and details the chaos and violence in the forming of Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. GradeSaver, 24 July 2019 Web. Meet Singh, who throughout the leader’s speech has been the only voice of dissent, says that this train will have Mano Majra Muslims on it. Suddenly, a dead cow floats by, along with pieces of thatch and clothing. She is too young to be impressed by him. Seen from the eyes of Hukum Chand the District Magistrate it is an account of the turmoil faced by the inhabitants of village Mano Majra in Punjab on the Indo-Pak border during the period of partition after India attained independence.

The village’s only connections to the outside world are the river and the railway bridge. Train to Pakistan is is Khushwant Singh’s most famous work. The zeal and charisma of the mob leader is also responsible for the paradigm shift in Mano Majra. 1. That evening, an old woman and a young girl wearing a black, studded sari arrive at the rest house. The Mano Majrans know what the train contains, and wait for the soldiers to come ask for firewood again. He has not had a moment to himself since arriving at the temple. Sikhs and Muslims live in harmony in the village till a train full of dead people arrives from Pakistan. He is less secure in his role as magistrate, and feels wretched upon thinking about all the colleagues he has lost to violence. A train from Pakistan arrives one morning, but no one gets off. Similarly, Nooran does not want anyone to see how she adorns herself for Jugga’s pleasure.

They sleep fitfully, until a voice calls into the gurdwara, asking if they are all dead. The police begin to realize that they have pinned this crime on the wrong men, but it is too late for them to correct their mistake, having already arrested the men in front of the villagers. India has ceased being a country ruled by the British and even its own independent government, and is in a time of mob rule.

Singh uses the heat of summer as a metaphor for the intensity of tensions between religious groups. The subinspector asks the head constable about Iqbal, recognizing him as the same man who got off the train with them the day before. Please Sign Up to get full document. He tells Chand that forty or fifty Sikhs have entered town.

If this means that he must fit the traditional image that Meet Singh has for him to get his work done, Iqbal will oblige.

However, when it occurs, he is unprepared and angry that the police would arrest him without cause.

In this novel, Iqbal is a mysterious character, who is foreign-educated, an atheist social worker from Britain and people gives him respect for that and calls him Babu Sahib.

Iqbal has left Delhi to escape the massacres there, suggesting he is afraid of violence and left town to avoid getting hurt.

Stewart, Amber.

While fleeing Ram Lal’s house, the robbers pass by the home of former robber Juggut Singh, known as the most dangerous man in Mano Majra and often called “Jugga.” One of the robbers throws stolen bangles into Jugga’s courtyard to implicate him in the crime.

The priest’s disappointment lies in Jugga’s lack of a moral code.
After explaining his plan, the leader of the mob and his group stay in the gurdwara for the night, as do Malli and his gang. Due to their illiteracy, the villagers would be unable to read a newspaper and keep up with the latest events. Read the Study Guide for Train to Pakistan…, View the lesson plan for Train to Pakistan…. The train comes to a stop at the railway station, but no one comes out.

Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “Train to Pakistan” by Khushwant Singh. Train to Pakistan is is Khushwant Singh’s most famous work.

The villagers are surprised by the implication of Iqbal; “an urban babu” has no reason to commit a dacoity.

He seeks to turn the arrest into an opportunity to scale the ladder in his party and become a leader.

As the remaining Mano Majrans sit and watch Malli’s men and the Sikh refugees loot the abandoned Muslim houses, word comes that the Sutlej has risen.

The police party scrutinize him. It also seems, based on his accent and his attitude of entitlement, as though he might be too important to arrest.

Furthermore, Iqbal’s middle-class lifestyle largely protected him from the problems of crime and poverty.

The officers demonstrate an efficiency in these preparations that does not always extend to their work in other areas. (including. When Chand angrily asks why the subinspector did not warn the refugee camp commander about the train plan, the subinspector says that, if the train does not leave, all of the camp’s refugees could be killed regardless.

Published in 1956, the novel draws upon Singh’s own experiences during and after the Partition of India in 1947, and details the chaos and violence in the forming of Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan.The novel is based on the main character Mano Majra, the fictional village on the border of Pakistan and India and is known for its railway station. This visit from Malli to Jugga’s village is another way in which Jugga’s criminal past continually resurfaces. Some hotheaded Sikhs from outside the village hatch a plan to kill the Muslims on the train before it it sent to Pakistan. Book: Train to Pakistan.

Iqbal probably refrains from telling the priest this because he does not want him to think that Iqbal is too good to drink the local water, or even that his stomach would be unable to handle the bacteria. He uses vulgar language not proper for a temple when speaking rudely to the villagers of Mano Majra. Then, they hear the rumbling sound of a train from the direction of Pakistan.

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Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. Jugga snaps it with his teeth.

Train to Pakistan study guide contains a biography of Khushwant Singh, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. A Train to Pakistan was published after the Second World War and at the beginning of India’s decolonization, alongside other literary works that featured the voices of former colonial subjects. The men continue to hammer the door with their weapons, and behind the door a woman’s voice asks who calls. First, they go to the reporting room.

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