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Personally, i find option 1 to be the most intriguing as it is the one that seems most heavily hinted at, but there is a discrepancy. I would argue Ingemar is in fact Pelle's son, and the reason he is introduced as Pelle's brother is because that is what all the other men are referred to in the cult outside of the 'father'. that is still followed by the cult. Her choice is Christian as a “thank you” for the caring boyfriend that he’s been. I will keep this theory in mind when I am able to watch it, and try to write back with my thoughts, thanks! Midsommar is a 2019 Psychological Drama directed by Ari Aster, who gave us Hereditary. Connie is annoyed with Simon for leaving her behind, but the cult soon unites her with him in death, also off-screen, all we hear is a scream. I don’t think that this film was supernaturally oriented enough for Pelle to be a centennial via ritual magic. Status One of his parents offered themselves, the other was the random selection who the May Queen chose instead of the outsider. Anyone who’s seen films involving cults placed at the center of the plot will quickly identify with Pelle and his hometown festival as a ritual that is bound to include a sacrifice. I like to think he was also provided a special honour, 90 years ago. Conversely, 'Ingemar' is derived from the words Ing - a god of virility, prosperity and the progenitor of a dynasty of swedish kings - and Mar, which means famous. Also, he said his parents died in a fire but I don’t think they died in the ceremony, because the ceremony only takes place every 90 years. Dani: Oh. Pelle In the film, Pelle introduces others (such as his brother) who have just finished their year away from home. Concurrently, the May Queen event is held. Dani agrees to join, and they all head out with two others Connie and Simon. Midsommar is the story of Dani’s emotional journey. It’s the equivalent of Jake taking a leak on the Tree of Souls in Avatar. Pelle Anyway, When this all falls in to place he knows he will be able to create his next-gen 'Ingemar' which is why Ingemar himself is happy to be sacrificed well before he is 72, knowing he is one in a long line of 'famous swedish kings' born of Pelle. I propose that 90 years ago, Pelle witnessed the death of his parents in the Temple Burning. Symbols and foreshadowing were abundant, but they were only food for fodder. If this was Hereditary, I’d agree. Dani gets hurled into despair, and Christian plays boyfriend for a while more. Dani or Christian (and his friends) were not there by accident. Midsommar Swedish actor Vilhelm Blomgren, who plays Pelle, described Midsommar as “coming home” in a way. Dani becoming May Queen also seemed staged - how did a girl who had never done the dance before win while tripping on mushrooms, when all the other girls are used to both the drugs and the dance? This also works in line with the above theory. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think it’s very good you’re coming. If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your question. It also isnt the first time information is glossed over to keep the outsiders in the dark. Male Their fall only to be broken by a rock. While Josh was the first to pick it, Christian leeches on to the same subject. This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that particular creative work. A naked man wearing Mark’s face and his friend club Josh to death. Either way, both types of magic produce results. What if it is gifted to a member of the festival? All of the films events were transcendentally inevitable. He’s regularly available for a chat conversation on his website and consults on storyboarding from time to time. TL:DR Pelle absorbed the life force of his young parents who died in the burning Temple, and has been the backbone of outsider import industry for the Cult for the last 90 years. Click to browse all his film articles. Actors/Actresses They trip for many hours before Dani hallucinates pretty bad and makes a run for the woods. This might have been the necessary trigger to get Dani into the right state of mind and bring her over to Sweden. The group witnesses Ättestupa that is still followed by the cult. I think that they do the rituals annually. The Paganism aspect, although highly symbolic and ritualistic, paradoxically offers a certain sense of practicality. Add to this the fact that Pelle draws, like the current prophets (albeit in a different way) makes me think he's destined to be next in line. Midsommar is a 2019 Psychological Drama directed by Ari Aster, who gave us, In case you’re new to the site, here’s how it works. The film is centered on a bunch of students visiting Hälsingland for the midsummer celebration, which occurs once every 90 years. Mark casually relieves himself on a tree that the cult considers being tied spiritually to all of their dead. He is portrayed by Vilhelm Blomgren. Midsommar’s cult was based upon egoless acceptance through natural appreciation. to calm her down. Either way, both types of magic produce results. Narrator: "Midsommar" is a horror movie about a Swedish festival gone very, very wrong. Unfortunately for the kids in the film, that isn’t the case. Gender Nothing drastic happens until …. I believe Pelle is happy about Dani coming along because he is hoping to have her as his queen, given that they are an astrological match and he can see she is not happy. I found this all incredibly interesting, even if it is reaching a little/ a lot. The other members of the village mimic the pain experienced by the fall, but would each actually experience it only if they turn 72. In the film we are told that Pelle is given "a special honour" for providing the May Queen along with 3 other sacrifices, but we are never told or shown what this is. Like any rational individual would, Simon reacts by screaming, “, Blood Punch Explained (And Meaning Of The Ending), 48 Best Time Travel Movies Ranked By BaTTR Score, The Half of It: Identifying Oneself Before Finding The Better Half, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things: Explained Simply, Braid Movie Explained (Plot Analysis & Ending Explained), Split (2017) : Movie Plot Ending Explained : Unbreakable (2000), Extinction (2018) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, Infinity Stones And Their Path In The Marvel Movies, The Lobster Explained (Film Analysis and Ending Explained), Los ojos de Julia / Julia’s Eyes (2010) : Movie Plot Ending Explained. Just rewatched and when Pelle introduces Ingemar, he says "this is my brother, we have known each other our entire lives," and introducing his "sister" he says "she was born on the very same day as me." Christian is drugged and sowed into an emptied out bear and placed at the center of the yellow tetrahedron. I also found it interesting that 'Pelle' is derived from the name Peter, which means Rock or Stone. I think he had to go out a bring outsiders as a chance for redemption. Pelle as ‘rock’ also makes sense as he attempts to get Dani to sniff a rock (rune?) This means they can send cult members out to find new victims with confidence they will return and not be tempted to leave the cult behind and expose it to the rest of the world.Without any evidence of success, i find it hard to believe a cult can last so long without at least a few outliers trying to escape and/or losing faith.

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