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He, along with his Mamodo partner Riya (リーヤ, Rīya) were escorted by Rioh to Faudo where they remained until running into Kiyo Takamine and Zatch Bell and decided it was the right time to betray Rioh. "Groping Breasts", known as "Hey Hey Let's Dance All Day" in the English dub of the anime). Riya's spells cause him to transform his body parts to use for battle. Albert (アルベール, Arubēru) is a bored university student who was kidnapped and brainwashed by Zofis to be the partner for the thousand year Mamodo Laila, known as Leila (レイラ, Reira) in Japan.
Golden Gash Bell!!) Jido's voice actor is Kouji Ishii and his English voice actor is Christopher Darga. Keith however activates a trap and Bari sacrifices himself in order to save Zatch and has his book burnt in the process. His Mamodo partner, Ashron (アシュロン, Ashuron) is a giant dragon with red scales, able to change his body into a human form. [7][9] His English voice actress is Debi Derryberry. Keith claims to be Bari's rival, though Bari does not acknowledge this. When a transformed Kolulu engages Kiyo Takamine and Zatch Bell in battle, Kolulu accidentally injures Lori and uses her willpower to revert to normal.

Bari looks like a ruthless and cold jester who is always scowling.

"Groping Breasts! From most people in Japan, Folgore is known for loving to grope girls breast in his music videos or special movies. Ponygon's spells give him armor, increasing his speed and power with each spell. Ashron's Dragon Scales allow him to take many attacks while receiving little damage. Kafk Sunbeam (カフカ・サンビーム, Kafuka Sanbīmu), an engineer from Germany working on projects in Japan. Arth's Japanese voice actor is Hideyuki Umezu and his English voice actor is Randall Montgomery. Kardio's voice actor is Yuji Ueda. His personality tends toward childish and abrasive, often crying and whining like an infant. Dr. Laila's spells are themed around crescent moons. Gustav (グスタフ, Gusutafu) is a Russian man who is the partner of the Mamodo Vincent Bari (ヴィンセント・バリー, Vinsento Barī). Alvin, knowing Zofis' real evil intentions, hides his dentures making it impossible to cast spells. Lupa (ルーパー, Rūpā) is a woman with a large afro and a hideous face. version~ (チチをもげ!~モアもげ!バージョン~, lit. Dufort, after realizing life has meaning, helps Zatch and his friends prepare for the battle against Clear Note. [10] Tia is a young girl who believed no one could be trusted in the Mamodo tournament after being attacked by a friend of hers from the Mamodo World. Bari, initially confused on how to achieve this goal, defeats a Mamodo which puts him on the brink of death and leaves him with many permanent scars. !, lit.

Byonko's appearance is that of a frog with a four-leaf clover on his head, that became three when Alvin plucked a petal off. Zeno was envious that Zatch was bestowed with the power of Bao and lived away from the castle while he was forced to endure torturous training set up by his father, the Mamodo King. Keith constantly smokes cigars and often makes his entrances singing a gibberish version of Ode to Joy. He later gains the ability to create clones with inhuman strength and a spell that can trap his opponents in an illusionary world giving him full control over their senses. [1] His next idea was a story where a middle school student, the prototype of Kiyo, finds an old toy that turns into a giant knight that combats evil. Riya's book is burned when battling Rioh's minion, Zaruchim. Rops' spells were based on the manipulation of ropes and chains. He was introduced much further in the series and was revealed to be the partner of the small horse Mamodo Ponygon, known as Umagon (ウマゴン) in Japan. During Clear Note's assault, Sunbeam was forced to burn Ponygon's book in order to stop his body from breaking down.
Folgore's voice actor is Hiroki Takahashi and his English voice actor is Dave Wittenberg. mix~ (original karaoke)".

He has a brash personality and hates working with others, after having been ambushed by Mamodos who have formed an alliance.

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