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After you know what type of vase you have, research its history. Ming dynasty art can be defined by finesse. Longqing reign lasted only for 5 years, and he has died at 1572 A.D. when he was only 35 years old, leaving his 9 year old son Emperor Wanli to inherit the throne, he appointed his minister Zhang Juzheng to be in charge on state affairs and be the dedicated advisor of his son Emperor Wanli.

Rising of corrupt eunuchs during Zhengde period was common and continued on later period of the Ming dynasty, since Zhengde has rejected his duty as emperor the power of ruling the empire was in the hands of eunuchs and ministers. Three major wars that have happened through 1590-1600 A.D. are: First, one leader of the outer regions in china has rebelled the Ming dynasty and allied with the Mongols to attack the Ming empire, emperor Wanli sent a force led by Li Chengliang who defeat the rebel forces and the Mongols and this campaign was over with overall success to the Ming. In the beginning of his rule, he eliminated the eunuch Wei Zhongxian and Madame Ke who took control over the empire during emperor Tianqi reign. But of course, it excelled in ceramics. This technique meant that the forms of a vase were first made from bronze or copper, thus creating compartments (cloisons in French) which were then filled with a mixture of glass paste and different oxides, like the cobalt we mentioned before. Blanc de Chine, as the name suggests, is a white Ming porcelain that was and is still use to manufacture pottery.

He Ruled China between 1487-1505 A.D. and was involved personally in all states affairs, ruling wisely and strengthening the Ming empire economically and the populace has prospered, he is considered as one of the greatest emperors during the Ming dynasty along with his ancestors Emperor Hongwu and Emperor Yongle. With his treasury empty and corruption in the government he tried to rule by himself, what proved as a difficult task, emperor Chongzhen was very suspicious in the few talented people he left to rule china, and even executed his trusted general who basically held by himself the late Jin dynasty forces in the northeastern border. The battle was over and Zhu Gaoxu has surrendered and died from fire torture along with his sons, it is said Emperor Xuande didn’t want to execute him, but his uncle arrogance has forced him to. Click here to see our early Ming dynasty porcelain items. But artisans quickly found a solution and they devised a hybrid of porcelain and cloisonné called Duh, after the place in which it was first created. They originate from 15th century China, when the country was ruled by the powerful Ming dynasty and are made from the finest porcelain. Blue became a popular color in Ming dynasty art (and is still used by porcelain manufacturers in China and Japan) because at the time, it was the strongest color that could resist the high heat required to create porcelain. Beautiful blue and white porcelain bowl from the Ming dynasty, the exterior is painted with a continues lotus scroll, in the interior peony spray with leafy branches surrounded by double border line with continues leafs attached to six flowers, the bottom is marked with Emperor Xuande mark (1425-1435 A.D). Emperor Xuande has died at the year 1435 A.D. and his eight years old son ascended the throne as Emperor Zhengtong. Emperor Yongli was the last known claimant to the Ming dynasty throne, was strangled by Wu Sangui in 1662 A.D. That was the true end to the  Ming dynasty including their last resistance as the Southern Ming dynasty, the empire of China was now controlled by the Qing dynasty. He Died at 1424 A.D. leaving his son Emperor Hongxi to rule china. This item was made in a folk kiln and marked with a conch shell. Ming vases feature a blend of different cultures: Chinese, Islamic and later on, European. In order to prevent crisis the southern Ming court has chosen the Prince of Fu (Zhu Yousong) as the protector of the state, as he was the successor in the line after emperor Chongzhen sons, which their fate was unknown. Zhu Di has announced himself as the new Emperor and ruled as “Emperor Yongle”, he established his new capitol in Beijing, and reversed many of his father rules, expanding the Chinese trade, he had order to build a new fleet, Emperor Yongle reign has lasted from 1402-1424 A.D. his son Emperor Hongxi was his successor, although he died a year later at 1425 A.D, and Emperor Xuande, his son, became the ruler of china, his ruling time is considered as a peaceful and successful, it lasted until the Year 1435 A.D, when his own son proceeded him, as Emperor  Zhengtong, which his reign lasted until 1449 A.D, when he was captured by the Mongols at a battle he led himself, and his own brother took the throne, the Mongols who saw no advantage in keeping him as captive while his brother “emperor Jingtai”  rules china, has set him free, and he was put in house arrest, and got a title has grand emperor, Emperor Zhengtong has took back the throne from his brother after 7 years of house arrest, and renamed himself as Emperor Tianshun, his reign lasted from 1457-1464 A.D. His own son was his successor as “Emperor Changua”  from 1464 A.D. until he died at 1487 A.D, the story says there were a conspiracy in the imperial court by Lady Wan (Changua Concubine)  and some of the eunuchs to eliminate the heir for the throne, they used to do abortions for the ladies emperor Changua was having, and went as far as poisoning them if a birth of a child would threat their plans, Changua discovered at the year 1475 A.D. that he does have a son and he announced him as his successor, “Emperor Hongzhi”, who ruled peacefully over china between 1487-1505 A.D, leaving one living son to take the throne as “Emperor Zhengde” who died childless at 1521 A.D, leaving the throne to his cousin, “Emperor Jiajing”  who was known to be a cruel ruler and a self centered man, leaving the internal affairs of the kingdom to his advisors, and moved to live in isolation outside of the forbidden palace, his reign was the 2nd longest in the Ming dynasty history, and he ruled china until 1567 A.D. “Emporer Longqing” the son of “Emperor Jiajing” took the throne at 1567 A.D, realizing his father left china corrupted and in disarray, he tried to reform a new government that would improve the bad situation the empire has got into, unfortunately he died 5 years later at 1572 A.D, leaving his son the 9 year old “Emperor Wanli” to rule china. Unlike the more modest Sincai style, Wucai wares are bold, vivid and colorful , and feature floral and intricate patterns. After emperor Wanli death at 1620 A.D, his eldest son took the throne only he died one month after, leaving the throne to his own son “Emperor Tianqi”, who died 7 years later at 1627 A.D. leaving his younger brother to rule china as Emperor Chongzhen who was the 16th and last emperor of the Ming dynasty, he ruled china until 1644 A.D, during his reign a rebellion was growing while a threat from Manchuria in the north, the Ming army forces was having difficulties, eventually a treachery from within the city of Beijing led to the collapse of the empire, when someone opened the gates to the rebel army led by Li Zicheng, Emperor Chongzhen had hanged himself from a tree in the forbidden palace garden, while the Shun dynasty took over Beijing, only to lose it a year later to Manchurian forces, who has founded the Qing dynasty. He was known to be as a cruel and he has rejected all state affairs, residing outside of the forbidden palace and refusing to give audience to his officials. The middle ming dynasty is divided by some into two periods, the early – middle ming dynasty (1425-1505 A.D.) and the late – middle Ming dynasty (1505-1590 A.D.).
Highly praised, Ming vases, tea and wine cups as well as plates and other types of pottery developed during this amazing period: the 15th and 16th centuries. A French classification puts Ming vases into different “families” according to their color patters.

The patterns were carefully drawn on the porcelain, most often by hand. Although these are the best known patterns, the number of colors used is not always limited to three. By most of history books The Later-Middle Ming dynasty period ends at 1590 A.D. in the middle of emperor Wanli reign, however this dividing is unclear, there are some assumption, that the dynasty period is divided like the life of a human, First 20% is considered as Early period, second period is 60% considered as Middle period and last 20% is considered as Late period, however that is only a suggestion. Eventually after getting more support from the strongest allies he was declared as emperor Honguang, after a year of reigning the southern area of China, internal conflicts involving a former warlord who sent his forces to clear the corruption officials in the Honguang court, Ming troops who were supposed to be defending against the Qing dynasty forces was sent to deal with him. he has created a new Confucian laws, and reestablish some laws and military system similar to the Tang dynasty, after his death, at 1398 A.D, he had announced his grandson to be his successor as “emperor Jianweng”, which ruled china from 1398-1402 A.D. when emperor jianweng started to rule, he had a conflict with Zhu Di one of Hongwu strongest sons, jianweng has arrested many of his associates, and Zhu Di plotted a rebellion which started a civil war for 3 years, until the palace in Nanjing was burned to ground along with emperor jianweng. A list of the most important Ming dynasty pottery could not be completed without a cup of tea, or better yet, without a teapot. During his late years he became very paranoid and order to execute so many people that were close to him, including their families, he has distribute his own written warnings to the Chinese people demanding them to behave or they will feel the horrible consequences if not. The Ming dynasty is rightly famous for its fine ceramics and especially the cobalt blue-and-white porcelain … These innovations made Ming dynasty porcelain famous around the world as China started exporting these beautiful vases to other countries. A good understanding of Chinese culture along with a solid knowledge of technical details is needed in order to become an expert. Beautifully shaped blue and white Ming vase, decorated with calm scenery of fishing, and various characters. Emperor Jianwen reigned for short period over china from the years 1398-1402 A.D. in the beginning of his reign he has suppressed many feudal lords including his uncle Zhu di, who arrived to Nanjing to offer respect to his father emperor Hongwu and was prevented of that by emperor Jianwen, he left Nanjing and raised an army leading a rebellion with a self defense slogan which earned him popular support from the commoners and generals as one, he was a great experienced military commander, and used many tactics defeating Jianwen armies. Emperor Zhengde, was the eldest son of Hongxi, but unlike his father he has disregarded all of the empire affairs, his empress and was reckless and irresponsible emperor, who was more interested in women and exotic animals, it is said he built an harem for pets, which he brought from other countries such as tigers, leopards, bears and others, and later he has housed many beautiful women, since his women harem was overfilled with women, lack of supplies has caused one time to the death of some women from hunger. The rebel forces led by Li Zicheng who established his own Shun dynasty, was ready to attack Beijing in 1644 A.D. , emperor Chongzhen sent his three sons to hide outside of the capitol and forced his empress Zhuang and her sister in law along with grand consort Li to commit suicide, while he tried to kill grand consort Yuan and the two young princess with his sword, Princess Changping and the consort both survived, but the young 6 years old princess Zhaoren died, both survivors has stayed in the Qing dynasty court.
The porcelain was painted using dark cobalt tone. in 1368 A.D. he has claimed the mandate of heaven, announcing a new dynasty “The Great Ming Dynasty”. Zhu di was the fourth son of Emperor Hongwu, he has declared himself as Emperor Yongle at 1402 moving the capitol from Nanjing to Beijing constructing the Forbidden palace, and repairing the Grand canal of china.

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