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Read more ... Sheki, a small town in northern Azerbaijan, is probably the most beautiful place in the country. Amazing article about Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is also fascinating due to its diversity: as many as nine of the world's 13 climate zones are found in the small country on the Caspian Sea. ATM and credit cards – In Baku, you can use your credit card pretty much anywhere and ATMs abound. The visa for Pakistan looks complicated with letters etc required while India have recently increased the time for Australians to 3 months which is much better for my style of travelling. For many centuries, the most diverse peoples shaped today's Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan e-visa is available – Since January 2017, you can apply for an e-visa to travel to Azerbaijan and this is the official Governmental portal.It costs 23USD and takes 3 working days to … First, because of the periodic tensions, second, because entry into the region is considered a criminal offense under Azerbaijani law without the Azerbaijani authorities' permission, and thirdly, because of the risk of landmines and gunshot wounding or death across the entire Azerbaijani-Armenian border area is extremely high. Otherwise, if you have just one or two shots you will be considered a pussy. On the visa application it asks for hotel accommodation details. in the Caucasus region. I don’t know, maybe. This means that the climate is also very varied so, depending on where you want to go, Azerbaijan can be a year-round destination. Also, note that you cannot spend more than you have brought in. From a cultural point of view, like I said in the beginning, it is difficult to define them as a single culture. In the summer months around 30° Celsius and above. In winter skiing is possible in the resorts Shahdagh and Tufandagh. Explore new destinations at your pace accompanied by like-minded travelers. Can I travel from Armenia to Azerbaijan or vice versa? Iran – The border with Iran is also open and very friendly but remember that, if you are going to Iran, you will need to be in possession of an Iranian visa. Read: Is Azerbaijan an off the beaten track country? Georgia – There are two very friendly open borders with Georgia, one linking Zaqatala with Sighnaghi and other one linking Ganja with Tbilisi. Caution: sometimes cooked with meat), Dovga (traditional soup based on yoghurt with fresh herbs), Qutabs (wafer-thin, deep-fried dough that comes with different, even meatless fillings), Shor Gogal (round pastry made from puff pastry, seasoned with fennel seeds, turmeric and anise). A Manat consists of 100 Gepik (Qəpik). Between the coldest temperature ever measured (-33° Celsius) and the highest (+46° Celsius) there is a difference of almost 80° Celsius. Read more ... Nakhchivan, a peculiar autonomous exclave republic of Azerbaijan bordering Iran, Turkey, Armenia, but not Azerbaijan itself. When to travel to Azerbaijan During my journey, I met a local, young guy from Baku who turned out to be very religious. Marshrutka – Locals move around the country by marshrutkas, which is what public mini-vans are called in the former Soviet Republics. Your email address will not be published. During this period of time, they introduced an e-visa system so, in only two years, tourism has grown exponentially and the country has started to get significant international exposure. Books for traveling to Azerbaijan Train – The train goes from Baku to Ganja and then continues until Tbilisi. It takes 24 hours and you need a dose of patience because it departs every few days, randomly. We had a great group. Direct flights to Baku can be found, for example, from the cities of London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest, Tel Aviv, New York and the Russian cities of Moscow, St Petersburg, Samara, Ufa and Ekaterinburg. Who can apply? Tip: If you are dependent on certain medications and must take them on your trip, clarify in advance with your consulate, whether the import of these substances is allowed. The journey takes you from the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan to the Black Sea in Georgia and even to   Some visa rules – There is no double entry visa and the single visa is valid for 30 days within a 90 days window. Uber – Get this app to move around Baku by taxi. Read more ... Joseph Stalin was once in prison in Lankaran. This means that the local time is +4 hours compared with the Universal Time. Money Azerbaijan is a weird, fascinating country. Azerbaijan is quickly growing into one of Asia’s most popular destinations, in large part thanks to the thrilling skiing trips on offer in the Shaki region and the rest of the Caucasus Mountains range. Read: 80 Useful tips for traveling to Iran. Lobya chigirtmasi (a kind of omelette made from eggs, green beans, onions and herbs), Kyukyu (a type of egg omelette with fresh herbs, served with a yoghurt and garlic sauce), Badimjan Turshusu (eggplants stuffed with different vegetables), Badimjan Kyukyusu (fried or baked paste of eggplant, eggs, walnuts and onions, which looks like a flat cake), Shakh Plov (the king of plov dishes (stew of rice, walnuts and dried fruits wrapped in crunchy lavash bread). Azerbaijan Tour offers a large selection of tours to regions of Azerbaijan. This guide contains all the practical information. I will be backpacking starting in Turkey, Georgia etc and I don’t have a definite date I will arrive In Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan is still an emerging tourist destination, and the number of tourists is not even comparable to any country in Europe.

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