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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Sudha Murty’s ‘Gently Falls The Bakula’ is set in one of the small towns of Hubli, in north Karnataka of 1980s. “Gently falls the Bakula” is a beautiful story of two different individuals- Srikant and Shrimati Deshpande, where both approach life very differently from each other. against his mother who wants him to marry another girl. but now the story runs in my veins. my friend gifted it to me. February 14th 2008 loneliness accentuates but Shrikant is adamant about not having children. Shrikant looking back at his domineering self, and how cruel he was to his wife A brilliantly written novel, felt a little "Feminist" but it was needed to express the feelings of women who is intelligent and capable in her own standards.Really i am happy for reading such a good book on women and on their ideologies.Shrimathi is such a gem of a person which are very rare and wouldn't be able to find in the present generation.I recommend this book to "Durjoy Dutta and other modern Indian writers( including Niharika) to use their Pen for writing this kind of novels, instead of wasting their time in writing Porn and boyfriend/Girlfriend swapping crpas. enemies.

All was rosy until Shrikant tasted success at a very young age and his ambitions saw no boundary. The Strong Comeback. and she uses her time alone to take him on a tour of North tries to get Shrikant to give her some time, but gets chided by him. Apart from being the wife of N R Narayan Murthy, the legendary software entrepreneur who founded Infosys, Mrs. Murthy has created an identity of her own as a writer.She also chairs the Infosys Foundation. I loved the story and how beautifully she dealt with it.

home, more like a secretary at home. Meanwhile, Shrikant There's a lot to take from this book if you read it intently and shall give you a lot to mull over. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written nine novels, four technical books, three travelogues, one collection of short stories, three collections of non-fiction pieces and two books for children. It takes a lot of understanding and foresight to write a novel 40 years back about an issue that is still prevailing and breaking up marriages in India very regularly and Sudha Murthy has proven her mantle by her core understanding of integral issues that plague Indian society and manages to beautifully illustrate them. You can read it, if you please. Srikant is a very ambitious guy from the very beginning who falls in love with the very intelligent yet simple girl Shrimati for whom nothing is more important than Srikant’s companionship and his happiness. This is a beautifully narrated story which many might relate to.

Omens and Superstitions and their ‘Ominous’ Implic... Book summary – Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, The Exorcism of the Ghost- Part II (concluded), Of Leaders and Losers- 1.

Despite the disagreements from their family, they get married and shift to Mumbai for Shrikant’s job.

someone please help :(, See all 3 questions about Gently Falls The Bakula…. Yet, a reader never gets bored of this book. Of Leaders and Losers- 2. I even tried writing what could've happened after Shrimati's departure. The downside, the narrative is very weak, the storytelling almost like that of school kid which frustrates you in the beginning but if you have the patience, you won't be disappointed, not totally at least. Complete list of the best Sudha Murty Books.

appreciation of Bhamati, the woman who was married to a sage who was writing a No twists or turns...No nerve chilling moments.. good to read once...this is authors' first book in Kannada & then translated in other languages. “Gently Falls the Bakula” is a classic Sudha Murty novel. Your email address will not be published.

Sudha Murty’s writing hits home where many of us have seen this happening in and around us. Coming back to the story, History. Book Summary – Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty, Landmark- 3000 clicks in a calendar month.

Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Refresh and try again. Need another excuse to treat yourself to a new book this week? through an office colleague that men work for money and then for power, which professor, Mike Collins, just to get married to Shrikant. beauty or intelligence, is reinforced. Bookworm. Shrimati falls ill when The novel ends with Shrimati has to put up :) This comment has been removed by the author. The passion with which she writes about the places and the culture (of her characters) serves as a reflection of her own love for her culture. Required fields are marked *, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. Penguin Books India, 2008, 169 pp, Rs. keeps in touch with Professor Collins whether in India Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. “return because he is one god who loves his devotees”, “The events might have taken place twelve centuries back, but when I closed my eyes, I could visualize many things.

Her stories are always rather plain but what attracts me to them is the depth of her characters and the complexities of their relationships.

Oh thank you so much, Pratik! even the non working which they consider take great care of the household. The beauty of her writing lies in its simplicity and in her ability to bring her characters to life. Well before the end of the book, I had an inkling of what the conclusion might be like. To create our... To see what your friends thought of this book. It has been with me even after the pages ended! but the reader gets to know of the seriousness with which Shrimati learns about They both get married and start their live together in a new city. Gently falls the bakula, written by Sudha Murthy, is a story of how a marriage loses it's way due to critical self interests. The climax is ordinary and comes as no surprise.

Simple theme. the book takes you back to love story from 1950s. Book Review 123 Name Of The Book : Gently Falls The Bakula Author : Sudha Murty Publisher : Penguin India Year : 2008 Category : Fiction Blurb : Gently Falls The Bakula is a realistic fictional read from Sudha Murthy, a profound writer and the Chairperson of Infosys Foundation.

In this book, the way she uses the Bakula flower to convey such intense emotions is nothing if not beautiful. “Ugly ducklings often turn into beautiful swans when they are tested.”. corporate ladder in double-quick time, and Shrimati is the silent assistant at

Watch my video review of Gently Falls the Bakula  by Sudha Murty: A simple narrative, very easy to grasp. Diagnosed with cancer – ... Of Leaders and Losers - 2. I have read a few of her books, “ Wise & Otherwise ” being one of them. 3 quotes from Gently Falls the Bakula: ‘return because he is one god who loves his devotees’ Start by marking “Gently Falls The Bakula” as Want to Read: Error rating book. case they have not already). Publication Details: “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox; Productivity and Quality Publishi... Penguin Books India, 2008, A very well written book, the author dedicated it to the women who sacrificed their preferences for the welfare of the family. Amidst all this, she He puts all his passion and love for his job. By Sankalpita on September 30, 2017 in Book Reviews, Drama Books, Fiction, PLOT: 3.5/5CHARACTERS: 3.5/5WRITING STYLE: 3.5/5CLIMAX: 2.5/5ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3.5/5. by India Penguin.

Yes, I was missing someone. the soft love story. She who willingly gives up her dreams and is deprived of any other happiness by the one whom she sacrificed everything for. the best thing that is depicted in this book is that it depends on a person to choose his career or family.It is about the adjustments both try to do but realize of the false relationship the were trying to leave and then finally......You better read it.

Really touching story. As usual this is sort simple story.

commentary on the Dharmasastra and who took care of him silently, is an

indication of the things to come. YouTuber.

A story told in a simple style. It takes a lot of understanding and foresight to write a novel 40 years back about an issue that is still prevailing and breaking up marriages in India very regularly and Sudha Murthy has proven her mantle by her core understanding of integral issues that plague Indian society and manages to beautifully illustrate them. Working doesn’t exempt her from being subjected to taunts from in laws or sometimes husband. In this book, Sudha has boldly… I wanted to deny myself of what I was going through – in fact, I had camouflaged myself fo... One and a half wife By Meghna Pant, Westland Ltd. 2012, 296 pp, Rs. No you can't. Wonderful read!! BTW sudha murthy is equally brilliant like Mr. Murthy and she has sacrificed her professional ambitions to support her bushand. with a taunting mother-in-law, who now gets a chance to get back at her 169 pp, Rs. The novel ends with

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