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And is... is he your favorite Italian director? Copyright © Fandango. Everyone in the world knows who you are; my mother has trouble remembering my name. It's a disease I've got. You live in Beverly Hills. Good decision. I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

Bella: [looks at the painting of the Chagall that Anna gave William] That painting isn't the original, is it? Anna Scott: I do. 12-yr-old Actress: Working with Leonardo. --Mark Englehart, Notting Hill is a 1999 film about a Notting Hill bookstore owner and a well-known American actress who fall in love. I'm sure you guys have dicks the size of peanuts! The only blight on the film is its overbearing pop soundtrack, though Elvis Costello's heart-wrenching version of "She" gets poignant exposure.

They don't really make many romantic comedies like Notting Hill anymore--blissfully romantic, sincerely sweet, and not grounded in any reality whatsoever. Anna: There is no "unless." Anna's Co-Star: Not honestly, it's so sad, all those anorexic girls. Never trust a vegetarian. Time was I'd have done the same thing. Anna: [laughs] Yeah. I'm sure you didn't mean any harm, I'm sure it was just friendly banter, I'm sure you guys have dicks the size of peanuts. I'm taking pills and having injections. So what do you think? Anna Scott: Hi. Fine. Then we can be sisters. William: Well, you'll have to fight me for it- this is a very good brownie. Bernie: But she said she wanted to go out with you? After another contrived meet-cute involving spilled orange juice, William and Anna share a spontaneous kiss (big suspension of disbelief required here), and soon both are smitten. Oh, holy fuck! Spike: "Nice firm buttocks !" [Nods her head] Good decision. William: ...What do you think? No one has said "whoopsidaisies" for fifty years and even then it was only just little girls with blonde ringlets. William: Umm, yeah, I think that one may be. [all laugh]. “- William Thacker: What exactly is a fruitarian? . Bella: No, crazy, crazy. Go along Bayswater-, Bernie: No, no. Notting Hill is a 1999 British romantic comedy film set in Notting Hill, London, released on 21 May 1999. When all is said and done, she's nothing special. Don't worry about it! - Anna Scott: Rita Hayworth used to say, "They go to bed with Gilda; they wake up with me". His name is Thacker. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. What's up? Keziah: We believe that fruits and vegetables have feeling so we think cooking is cruel. She has enough to share around and still be big bottomed.
She is my baby sister. All actresses are as mad as snakes. Directed by Roger Michell . [laughs]. William: I don't think so.

Notting Hill Videos. Something to nibble? Good move? . The question is, of course, can William and Anna reconcile his decidedly commonplace bookseller existence and her lifestyle as a jet-setting, paparazzi-stalked celebrity? William: Ah, see she's someone who can't be mine. Journalist: Thacker. Just the one question. Or hounds for that matter; our. Particularly breasts? William: Sorry about the "surreal but nice" comment.

You'd go and I'd be... well buggered, basically. I knew a girl named Pandora in High school once . Anna: Really. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Anna: What is it about men and nudity?

. And more importantly, I genuinely believe, and I've believed for some time now, that ... that we could be best friends. Max: Let's face facts, this was always a no-win situation.

Quotes To Live By Image Quotes Top Quotes Quotes About Photography Senior Quotes One “- William Thacker: Do you... always say no to everything? "you may show the dent at the top of the artist's buttocks, but neither cheek or if a stunt bottom is being used, artists must have full consultation". William: Of course. I'm told it won't last long. Anna: No, I love that you tried. It feels like how being in love should be. What's all the fuss about? “- William Thacker: Any horses in that one? I was just wondering, did you ever consider having more horses in it? Never did see her box though! All that awaits me at home is a masturbating Welshman. William: Actually, I can't think of what it is, really. Let me just have a quick look... [peeks under blanket] No, no, beats me. Hopelessly ordinary (well, as ordinary as you can be when you're Hugh Grant), William is going about his life when renowned movie star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) walks into his bookstore and into his heart. Instead of apricots. 24 Oct. 2020. Spike: I knew a girl at school called Pandora. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox!

(Take a wild guess at the answer.) Max: James Bond never has to put up with this sort of shit. I will decide the route! Anna Scott: You think I should do Henry James? Anna Scott: Rita Hayworth used to say, "They go to bed with Gilda; they wake up with me.". Smartly scripted by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral) and directed by Roger Michell (Persuasion), Notting Hill is hardly realistic, but as wish fulfillment and a romantic comedy, it's irresistible. The gentleman in the pink shirt. Anna: Her most famous part. Speak on, dear friend. It's a clinical thing. “I've been on a diet every day since I was nineteen, which basically means I've been. William: I live in Notting Hill. “Would you like something to eat? Apricots, soaked in honey? Miss Scott, are there any circumstances where the two of you might be more than just good friends? William: I enjoyed the movie very much. Anna Scott: Don't worry, I thought the whole apricot honey thing was the real low point. William: Whoopsidaisies. Anna Scott: I *could* have a stunt bottom, yes.

William: I live in Notting Hill, you live in Beverly Hills.

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