mr nobody review

Van Dormael has crafted a saga that, even at two-plus hours, is endlessly, enormously watchable. I think my mouth was hanging slightly open a few times from the brilliance on display. After watching it in all of its two hour and thirty minute glory, I now feel an inane displeasure, akin to what I can only assume as having my frontal lobe stabbed with an ice pick.

Can something simple lead to greatness or perhaps to downfall depending on how you choose? A soundtrack in which so many fine songs have gathered. The songs ( Buddy Holly ! External Reviews … A movie that really makes you think if you actually pay attention to the end. But when neuropsychiatrist Dr. Emma Lewis is invited to assess him, she discovers he does recall something about her own past that no one else knows. One of the most interesting and stimulating movies I have seen in a very long time. Si l’on lie ces deux idées, on en arrive à la conclusion que tout simplement, aucun choix n’est fait, et que Mr nobody n’est que la présentation de ces deux théories, et non pas une histoire de vie différentes (mais alors pas du tout), mais une appréhension du temps (dans le sens le plus simple, mais aussi le plus complexe puisqu’encore aujourd’hui inexpliqué par la science), c’est donc, avec le recul, une très belle (et merveilleuse) histoire, et l’un des films artistiques le plus « unique » que j’ai eut le plaisir de découvrir.

Just caught the north American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. In some of these realms, writer-director Jaco Van Dormael’s film is a fancifully high-concept weepie that, at its best, occasionally recalls the sweeping and heart-wrenching melodrama of Somewhere in Time and The Fountain. We cannot go back. Fine plot, excellent game of Jared Leto and just excellent soundtrack. Néanmoins la fin reste difficilement compréhensible (si on considère qu’elle est compréhensible), et je me suis donc embarqué dans la recherche d’explications sur notre moteur de recherche préféré. It's filmed in English but the fact that it had a French director probably accounts for the style. I agree that you won't understand everything, that's for sure, but what the heck, just sit back and enjoy the ride !

» Néanmoins, et contrairement à certaines analyses que j’ai put lire, je pense que s’arrêter à une explication fixe et définitive est typiquement ce qu’il ne faut surtout pas faire (ou alors il faut vraiment s’être endormi pendant la moitié du film et ne pas avoir vu la scène de fin), et je trouve que c’est ce qui donne tout son charme à ce film. It is not for everyone, but I loved it. It's an existential tale of the power of choice to create the environments that reshape the persons who then choose from what life presents in their consequent environments, ad infinitum. Throughout the movie different scenes are played at different settings and circumstances. 20 minutes into it, having watched the early life sequence, I was fully submerged. The problem is that his memories are in total disorder and contradictory. This could be one of the greatest masterpieces this year and I'm hoping to see this score multiple awards of different kinds. In the end, I would "choose" to watch this film again and again, if only to remind me that in life nothing is insignificant. | User Ratings Vous aussi laissez votre avis sur le film en créant votre compte sur !

It's easily the most unique and worthy cinema experience in the last year, its feels very current. I was totally captivated from start to finish. Throughout the film, I was constantly surprised and amazed. It is truly a visual masterpiece.

Recently I had the opportunity of viewing the extended version of Mr. Nobody, and reading some of the reviews of this well hidden science fiction epic, it really seemed like my cup of tea.

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