moonsun explained and proved

Which also explains why Byul and Hwasa do not seem to be as close. The fact that Byul and Solar sometimes imply that they are like lovers, for me just proves that they are not. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our,,,, ... 0284760064. Aaaand the eye contact. Speaking of Byul, she must be busy preparing for her solo projects that she hinted about. Also, they just had another Escape room adventure date on their time off just this last week. on the fancafe, and on a recent TV show, Solar mentioned she hangs out with Hwasa sometimes) I don't think it's as if they are not wanting to hang out in other couple configurations, it just seems MoonSun genuinely enjoy each other's company. lol I enjoyed making this ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ What if Moonsun did read the fanfic and edits. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. They’re idols and barely have any privacy so why would they display their relationship in front of everyone's eyes to the point to become the main ship ? .wahhjnhntb she's so endearing, wow the age demographic in this thread ^o) ^o), It's 12:15 am in Toronto and I'm cracking up in bed looking at mb's outfit accompanied with that gay slouch for full effect . Making plans with other people is too complicated. They are known as the LGBT-Friendly queens. 35:44.

Jump to page: Previous; 1 … 305; 306; 307; 308; 309 … 1785; Next She's handsy with everyone, especially nervous, so she redirects everything to Solar, who just accepts it. These charts graph proven vs. proved in English books since the year 1800. If they started distancing themselves now it'd just raise alarm. However I honestly don't want them to be gay because Korea is a very conservative country. Wheein and Hwasa are inseparable twins. How you interpret their relationship is up for debate and speculation, but their bond is the real deal! Also, Wheebyul and HwaSol have been known to hang out with each other in the past (the dinner Wheebyul had where Solar just HAD to ask "What ya eatin'?" These hypocrites lmao. Idk the name). As for today’s writing, especially formal writing, it is best to stick to the traditional rule that AP Style lays down. I'm not making any assumption on whether it's a strong friendship or something more.

Things I think do not define whether MoonSun is real, however : Byul's clinginess is a trait.

There's smth about them when they look at each other. In some fan cam fans caught them just the two of them in restaurant, buy things together, take transport together they even wants to go spa together but caught by their staff, Moonbyul sending Solar off to mbc last year end and. Tbh I've been in this kind of relationship (yes, same-sex) before where feelings are real, closeness is real, bond is real, but there isn't a boyfriend/girlfriend status. Watching "moonsun explained and proved" video again and the part when Solar's saying who guy is her ideal type and the public says "nooo" and then they shout "Byul" kill me lol That girl should send that video to those youtube girls for the reaction video and that's it. Those type of people aren't in a society where gay couples are out and successful and totally boring and normal sometimes ...I feel for them but they're so sheltered and close minded, Lmao that's a confused shipper right there.. i mean do whatever you want but you obviously shipped them in the most romantic way possible when you made a 30min video about why they are real. On the wgm panel, the hosts straight up asked moonbyul if it's true she's very close to Solar, and Moonbyul confirmed while adding they're close enough to know what the other is thinking. It seems like a promotional tactic from the company to get you into the group. I ship them because they are super adorable. The "friendship" trips to foreign countries, Moonbyul blatantly stating her strong dislike for We Got Married, the eye sex, Solar calling Moonbyul her boyfriend, Moonbyul calling Solar her soulmate during the concert...and the list goes on. © OneHallyu 2020. I will say this. Working the land. hahaha agree... and since the end of 2016 i stop doubting about their relationship, and i believe they're real... Agree with most of what you said and great breakdown! 44612 posts Page 307 of 1785. A real gay couple in kpop wouldn't be that obvious in public, they'd try to hide their relationship. Powered by Invision Community. It looks exactly like MoonSun. And they're not nearly good enough actors to be putting on such a convincing act all this time.

The eye-sex, stares, and suggestive looks really define what seems too real to be fake.

Fanservice isn't just skinship. First time Reacting to Moonsun being gay and obvious | MAMAMOO Reaction - Duration: 9:41. And also don't forget those pics from the sports event thingy (everyone's wearing orange? Yes i do agreed they do have fan service when they are on stage during event or fan sign during promotion of song and album period their company for sure will ask Moonsun to do some fan service even Moonsun they themselves knows about it that fans ship them, But i don't think their company really push them so hard since their company knows Moonsun is so popular in Mamamoo group they can have Moonsun sub unit instead Angle and Dab Dab subunit formed last year.. MoonSun is REAL. Byul and Solar will ofcourse be stuck with each other cz who else is there. Byul's Diary where they shared a hotel bed does too, not bcs they shared a bed but bcs of the way they interacted and the situation of it. But I do think there are real feelings involved. Use proved as … Nah, even if they are super hard core shippers, most the moomoos stay for the music and the performances first, but I know many will be super sad. I think they're real and probably the company is using that to gain more popularity.

i dont know about them but that thread about them is updated daily lmao and has lots of views too~. Just that they're extremely close. It's not real but they are such good friends and rely on each other a lot so there nothing wrong with shipping them. But they are not fake. And yeah, Moonbyul eye-sex Solar, but she also eye-sex Wheein, so it’s just proves she’s gay, but it doesn’t make the ship “realer†than any other ship in this group. However, your second point about taking trips together I disagree. So, they just kept at it. penguinluvcub. Find and follow posts tagged moonsun on Tumblr.

The only reason I had heard of mamamoo was because of this ship. It could ruin their whole career and life and that would be devastating to see. they know what fans like and i definitely know they play on it. She’s so blatant sometimes that I feel uncomfortable watching them. Solar is the baby in her family (cmiiw). Cannot wait for KYS's solo concert .every immortal song after they've killed it she scans the audience and gets blown away by their reaction like "whoaaa they liked it!" Moonbyul blatantly stating her strong dislike for We Got Married, the eye sex, Solar calling Moonbyul her boyfriend, Moonbyul calling Solar her soulmate during the concert...and the list goes on. I made an account purely for MoonSun threads lol. Seems like Mamamoo is getting popular because of this ship, so whatever they are doing, they're doing it right. I wish they were real but I don't think they are. They're not a real couple. MB dressing like a whole pride flag is killing me.

There is another thread as well exclusively for Moonsun if you want to see the mountain of extra-ness associated with this ship lol. But I can admit that Moonbyul has a crush on Solar. Fanservice in the first place exists for showing the great bond and closeness between the members because it’s always more attractive to fans. What do you think about MOONSUN couple? Log in Sign up.

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