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By the time Jason was only 16 he was already being praised as a guitar virtuoso and was one of the hottest up and coming players on the rock and metal scene. Marty’s solo inspired me to add strings and snare drums. I read in an article that the 1991 Charity concert was apparently organized against your will. On bass, Billy Sheehan. So, can you tell us about your how your current state? I am from Richmond, baby. I sometimes have to wait for years for necessities, but I will say that I must have angels looking out for me because I am still here. Today Jason remains an active composer and in late 2008 released Collection – an album consisting of some of his most outstanding material from previous releases, as well as several brand new tracks, which feature guest performances by a number of prominent musicians, including Joe Satriani, Michael Lee Firkins, Greg Howe, and Steve Vai. These days I love Aleks Sever, and all of my old favourites, like Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, AC/DC, The Beatles and The Band. Tune in for an interview with local guitar great and composer Jason Becker hosted by DJ Jon the Reptilian on Friday, November 22nd @ 10:30AM. How do you incorporate these influences into your music? I was totally into the ’91 Concert. I have heard rumors of my death and rumors of my healing. I remember my dad finding an old cassette of this album lying on the street. You can also use a major pentatonic scale. We always have a blast working together. We are threatened every year to have our insurance taken away, which would mean certain death for me. “Thank you so much Ron for everything. Aggressive.”, “Very very nice.

I sometimes think to myself, “What if they hate the song?” I am silly, but I haven’t always been totally confident. It is weird writing about my life while it is still in the process of happening.”. My saviors in most every way. His demeanor reminds me a little of Jimmy O’Shea.”. It is meant to play fast with a nice big tone. I’ve tried death. I can’t tell you how much I loved it. It isn’t always the scale that makes it sound unique, but how you play something. What I am interested in is to understand how this results in your state of inner peace? Then I played a tune for Marty Friedman and he asked if he could do a solo. I had a blast being with all of those great players (Editor: Steve Lukather, Zakk Wylde, George Lynch, Vivian Campbell, Warren DeMartini,, Ritchie Kotzen, Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm, Michael Anthony, Ray Luzier, Steve Hunter, Tony MacAlpine). Some people get a raw deal; why would they feel grateful? “So many things. IC: It is very admirable and inspiring that despite the hardships and challenges that you’ve faced in your life, you have managed to maintain such a positive spirit and a drive to stay creative. I appreciate the thoughts but I don’t have time to waste. I told Angus I thought he was incredible.”, Stuart Hamm: “Amazing player and cool guy. Do you still foresee that this documentary will be released? Please refresh the page and try again. The real people help by doing what they say they will. He has recently set up the Jason Becker Charity to help raise money for Jason. At age 20, he was on top of the world, playing on David Lee Roth’s 1991 album, A Little Ain’t Enough, as Steve Vai’s replacement. With which of your former band members are you still in contact?
It is now available to buy. My old guitar playing is all over the album, so I wanted to take advantage of their unique styles. Then there is the documentary on your life, the last information we read is that the script is finished but the necessary financing was still missing.

We hadn’t been introduced. Serrana says she is going to change her last name to Arpeggios. On the internet many fans discuss their favorite Becker memories. In an article I read that there are also people who try to take advantage of you. It is exciting to receive these solos from the best players, and yes, it is stressful to edit them. The truth is, this is an no-easy interview as both Jason and the interviewer had to go extra miles in order to make the interview possible. I would have loved to have seen it. I like “Looney Tunes,” “Futurama,” “Family Guy,” classic “Simpsons,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Stephen Colbert, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, oh man, I could go on. He was brilliant; he could play every instrument very well. There are millions of people out there that are so incredibly proud of you and are inspired by you, musically, but especially from a personal perspective.

“I put that on my DVD to show people that I indeed was influenced by Yngwie; it was sort of my thank you to him for his inspiration. Babies laughing is infectious. How is your relationship with the condition today? I was stoked when he asked. IC: During your late teens you became one of the leading virtuoso guitarists on the scene, and possibly the youngest amongst them. On trumpet, Wynton Marsalis. IC: Even in your earliest recordings you’ve been fond of sounds that are exotic to western ears, particularly Japanese scales. “If there are really millions of people, then no, I don’t have any idea. All of your fans know and love the movie where you play Yngwie Malmsteens’ "Black Star" (from your DVD) in what appears to be your school where you seem to glue everybody to the wall. I was never a real equipment mavin. He went on to produce acts like Tupac Shakur. There will be a bunch of knobs. On guitar, Jeff Beck. Actually, everything I do is a challenge; right now I am challenged by trying to finish this interview (heh heh).”, What would be your perfect Birthday Present this year? JB: I love animals and I don’t understand how anyone could mistreat them. I am so happy with the new songs. Really tight. I met them in Vancouver while recording with David Lee Roth. Well, I think what my dad meant by that was that I wanted to be known for my music and not for having ALS. Jimmy O’Shea (former bass player of Cacophony): “Great player and a blast to hang out with.”, “Great drummer. Some people say they are the best I have ever done. It is different for every song. I think they all did a wonderful job. Suppose you can form your own ideal band to perform your favorite song. How well connected are you to today's music industry? The period in your music career you cherish the most? I love the singer. I am just inspired by so many types of music. Yogananda teaches the techniques of meditation. Heh heh.”, “Boy, Cacophony and David Lee Roth bands were both so good; it has to be a tie.”. “Oh yes. What do you want your legacy to be? He was here yesterday. He now communicates with eye movements using a system invented by his father. “First of all, I wouldn’t quite say I have achieved a state of inner peace. On keyboards, Herbie Hancock. The coolest and funniest guy.

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