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An investigation proved his statement to be true as the body of Merrill was found thrown head first over a log.

Tracy then ordered all four men to stand facing the wall with their hands up while he prepared his own breakfast. Harry Tracy, Desperado is a 1982 Canadian drama Western film starring Bruce Dern and Helen Shaver. Welcome to HistoricalCrimeDetective.com [Est. In 1892, there lived in the town of Vancouver, Washington, two fifteen-year-old boys, named Harry Tracy and David Merrill.
He seeks out Catherine, who joins him in his flight, and their love deepens under the constant threat of capture. They took his clothes (the object being to change as often as possible), and then ordered him to go in his house and remain there until daylight under pain of death.

With the flash of a gun Harry Tracy the Infamous Outlaw lay dead by his own hand in a field in Lincoln County. “In all the criminal lore of the country there is no record equal to that of Harry Tracy for cold-blooded nerve, desperation, and thirst for crime. The boy paid but slight attention to the admonition and as a result a posse was organized in Creston, which consisted of Deputy Sheriff C. H. Straub, Dr. E. A. Lanter, Attorney Maurice Smith and Joseph Morrison, a track foreman. While he was eating he stationed the family by the door. Early life.

The Story of Harry Tracy, Super-Outlaw . They both fired at Jones, one bullet striking him in the abdomen and one in the chest, and he fell dead at his post. He told Johnson that if he betrayed him, he would slaughter his entire family, which remained with Tracy at the farmhouse during his absence. We use cookies. He entered the home of Horatio Alling, while another man named Lattrige was present. On Saturday, July 6, Tracy appeared at Meadow Point, on the water front, three miles north of Seattle. On June 15, the bandits stole a team from G. R. Randall, near Oregon City, and on June 16 they appeared at the farm of Chas. They then made their way through the grain and found that Tracy had committed suicide by blowing off the whole side of his head with his huge revolver. It was the duty of Guard Frank Giard to count the prisoners marched in, and after doing so, Giard announced to Guard Frank Ferrell that 159 prisoners were present. Ingham, a life prisoner, attempted to disarm Tracy but was immediately shot and mortally wounded by Merrill. The bandit then escaped, and shortly afterward Anderson was found and released. Another ball splintered the stock of Deputy Sheriff Jack Williams’ rifle, and the ball entered his breast. Holtgrieve on the Columbia River and demanded dinner. Directed by William A. Graham. After a conference it was decided not to venture into the field that night, so it was surrounded until the following morning. Mr. Eddy was seen working in the field, so one of the posse approached him without being observed by the suspect. Raymond. Marshal Nathan. "My Love for You" was sung by Gordon Lightfoot, who also appears as U.S. Tracy joined Merrill, and in December, 1898, they returned to Portland, Oregon, where they soon had the citizens terrorized by the series of depredations they committed. The outlaw Harry Tracy in his prison uniform. The stranger stopped him and after stating that he was Tracy, directed the youth to conduct him to the nearest ranch. By Kathy Weiser-Alexander, updated January 2020. While he was thus occupied, the posse appeared in full view. (Last Privacy Policy Update July 2020), Byways & Historic Trails – Great Drives in America, Soldiers and Officers in American History. Later in the day, Tracy met an aged farmer who was driving a team along the outskirts of Seattle. Wright also stole a horse and buggy in Portland, which he sold to assist in raising funds.

Part II: Pacific Coast Cases. On the night of July 11 Tracy was surrounded near Covington. Eddy then arranged to drive his team to the barn. July 3 proved to be the red-letter day in the career of this arch-criminal. Articles were constantly disappearing from the barracks in a mysterious manner, and the army officers, becoming satisfied that these two boys were the thieves, ordered them to keep away from the quarters. Guard B. F. Tiffany then emptied his rifle at the desperadoes, but none of his bullets struck their mark. He was born in Wisconsin in about 1874 and his real name was Harry Severns. At this place, they disembarked, and Tracy ordered one of the party to take a rope from the launch and bind the rest of the party. When they reached land, Tracy compelled Anderson to carry the blankets and provisions, and while Tracy slept, or ate, Anderson was bound to a tree. The farm of Gordon Lightfoot's character was previously featured in the 1978 film Superman: The Movie.

After being liberated, they purchased firearms and practiced almost daily at the Vancouver barracks until they gained reputations as expert shots. Both men were arrested again in February 1899 and Tracy was sentenced to 20 years in the Salem, Oregon penitentiary.

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He purchased two high-grade rifles with short barrels and a quantity of ammunition, which were smuggled into the prison the night before the break. On October 8 of the same year, he and three other prisoners were working on a drain ditch outside of the prison walls, where Tracy secured a pistol which a friend had planted there for him. His real name was Harry Severns. Tracy fired one shot at him and he fell outside the wall with a wound in his chest. and S.” and his son entered the house, and they also joined the “wall flowers.” While eating his breakfast, Tracy learned of Clark’s launch, and after satisfying his appetite ordered all present to accompany him to the launch. They then fled from the building and directed their attention to the fence guards, where S. R. Jones was guarding one corner of the stockade. He soon hooked up with Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, again rustling cattle and committing highway robbery. He only fired five shots. On Monday night Anderson was again bound to a tree, and on Tuesday the pair proceeded to Gerrell’s home, two miles from Renton, Wash. Tracy went into the kitchen, and after ordering a meal, began joking with the women folks. This done, he compelled this man to accompany him to a place called Ballard, six miles from Seattle, and then ordered him to leave him and to proceed along an isolated path and say nothing of what had transpired. Photo by Paula Becker Surrounded by authorities and unable to escape this time, Tracy committed suicide rather than being captured. Where old crime does new time: A Research Site Dedicated to Forgotten Crimes & Forgotten Criminals. At the outset, Merrill seemed to possess the mastermind of the pair, but as Tracy was an apt pupil, this soon changed, and he became the dictator.

From June 17 to July 2 little was heard of the bandits, but on the last named date Tracy appeared at the Capitol City Oyster Co.’s place at South Bay, near Seattle.

Fleeing once again, the killer was pursued to a ranch southeast of Creston, Washington, where a gunfight occurred on August 6th. With Bruce Dern, Helen Shaver, Michael C. Gwynne, Gordon Lightfoot. He then wounded others in the party and escaped. Tracy’s conduct was exemplary until he met Merrill, but immediately afterward a change occurred and step-by-step he waded into crime until his deeds were the talk of the continent. They ordered the women folks to prepare a breakfast, and supplied themselves liberally with eatables and cooking utensils.

During his stay on this ranch, Tracy volunteered to do his share of the work, so when Eddy appeared at the barn, Tracy came out to assist in unhitching the horses.

With the first he instantly killed Deputy Sheriff Chas. An inspection of the body showed that one of his legs had been shattered by two rifle balls fired by the posse. On Monday, after a long tramp, they entered the woods from which the notorious desperado, Tom Blanck, emerged, only to be killed. After committing numerous petty offenses, Tracy was arrested for house-breaking in Provo, Utah, and on July 10, 1897, was sent to State prison for one year. Good 2 hr recounting of Tracy on the podcast, True Crime Historian. With hundreds of posses and national guardsmen on their heels, Tracy knows that time is running out—and when it does, there will only be two options: surrender or die.
A posse was organized and on March 1, 1898, they encountered the outlaws near Craig, Colorado.

He claimed that this occurred about four miles south of Chehalis, Washington, on June 28. From that time until the following Tuesday, Anderson was a mere slave and beast of burden for the bandit. After killing a deputy sheriff named Arly Grimes, he fled back to Colorado, where he reportedly killed two more men. They were then transferred to the more secure jail in Aspen, Colorado, and again escaped.

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