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Began acting at the age of seven in his hometown of New York City. Eddie Kaye Thomas (ur. By 10, he had appeared in "Richard III" with the Brooklyn Shakespeare Company. Eddie Kaye Thomas, Actor: American Pie.

Like the supporting comedians of an earlier Hollywood era, actors like Art Carney and Phil Silvers, Thomas has demonstrated an impressive ability to deliver consistent supporting performances in films that capture the spirit of their moment and will likely stand the test of time as artifacts of an age.

Eddie Kaye Thomas zaczął swoją aktorską karierę jako aktor sceniczny, mając siedem lat.

Sławę oraz rozpoznawalność zapewniła mu rola Paula Fincha w przezabawnej filmowej serii American Pie, o której każdy wielbiciel komedii i niewybrednych gagów zapewne słyszał. https://world-celebs.com/celebrity/2321-eddie-kaye-thomas.html Linki zewnętrzne. In addition to his American Pie work, Thomas has lent his voice to more than eighty episodes of the animated comedy American Dad, most notably as Steve Smith’s lovable yet plump pal Barry Robinson. W 2001 roku zagrał w szokującej kanadyjskiej komedii Toma Greena - Luźny gość (Freddy got fingered). Most notably, Thomas appeared in the Harold & Kumar stoner films, performing in the original Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) and its sequel, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008). Throughout the 1990s, Thomas built up a small but impressive list of theatrical credits, including a role in the off-Broadway 1994 production Talking Pictures. Thomas reprised the role in all three of the American Pie sequels: American Pie 2 (2001), American Wedding (2003), and 2012’s American Reunion, which although not as successful as the earlier films nevertheless served as a bellwether for the 1990s nostalgia movement that has captured recent American popular culture. Thomas is an aficionado of the American jazz saxophonist John Coltrane, While auditioning for the film version of Lost in Yonkers, Thomas bombed so badly that the writer Neil Simon visibly yawned and started cleaning his glasses during Thomas’s audition, Thomas credits the comedian Brad Garrett, Emmy-award winning co-star of Everybody Loves Raymond, with having a tremendous influence on his approach to the profession, Both Thomas and Ari Graynor, with whom Thomas has been romantically linked, appeared in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008), In 2013, a woman pulled a knife on Thomas and barricaded herself in his LA home; Thomas was unharmed, but police deployed tear gas to disarm his assailant. Thomas has been a successful working acting since childhood, thanks in part to his early theatrical successes.

Thomas należał również do głównej obsady serialu Jak to się robi w Ameryce? 9:30 PM PDT American Pie, czyli sprawa dowCipna (1999), Harold i Kumar uciekają z Guantanamo (2008), O dwóch takich, co poszli w miasto (2004). Eddie Kaye Thomas is a U.S. film and voiceover actor best known for playing a supporting role in the lucrative American Pie franchise.

(David 'Kappo' Kaplan). American Pie, czyli sprawa dowCipna (1999) (Paul Finch), American Pie: Zjazd absolwentów (2012) (Paul Finch), American Pie - Wesele (2003) (Paul Finch), Skradzione lato (2002) (Patrick O'Malley), Harold i Kumar uciekają z Guantanamo (2008) (Rosenberg), O dwóch takich, co poszli w miasto (2004) (Rosenberg), Sweet Friggin' Daisies (2002) (Damian), Jak to się robi w Ameryce? Thomas’s post-American Pie film and television career has been consistent if somewhat unheralded.

He is popular for starring the role of Paul Finch in a teen sex comedy film W 1996 roku Eddie pojawił się również dwa razy w serialu Prawo i porządek. He made his Broadway debut at 12 as an understudy in John Guare's Lincoln Center Production of "Four Baboons Adoring The Sun". Although the concept of an older woman engaged in a sexual relationship with a barely post-adolescent man would perhaps be received less favorably today, Thomas’s characterization of Paul Fincher is a hallmark of late 1990s pop culture. Sat, Oct 24

Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Eddie Kaye Thomas: Data i miejsce urodzenia 31 października 1980 ... Carrie 2, jednak szczególną popularność przyniosła mu rola Fincha w czterech komediach z serii American Pie. Eddie pojawił się również w głównej roli w pozytywnej komedii Randki w ciemno (2006), występując w duecie z Chris Pine.

https://biographypedia.org/who-is-eddie-kaye-thomas-net-worth-parents-wife on Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. Although perhaps less well-known than some of his higher-profile contemporaries, Thomas nevertheless has largely capitalized on the success that the first American Pie film (1999) achieved. Perhaps for this reason, Thomas remains firmly in the middle tier of supporting Hollywood actors. Thomas’s affiliation with a second landmark comedy series from the early and middle 2000s puts him in an elite, if less recognized, pantheon of pop culture icons. Kaye Thomas wystąpił jako stereotypowy Żyd Rosenberg w zwariowanej serii komediowej: O dwóch takich, co poszli w miasto (Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, 2004), Harold i Kumar uciekają z Guantanamo (2008) oraz Harold i Kumar: Spalone święta (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, 2011). Thomas’s theatrical training soon paid off. Thomas’s big break came via American Pie, the 1999 mega hit that captured the comedic imagination of the nation and stands as a high water mark of pre-9/11 pop culture, which introduced to a comparably innocent generation of young moviegoers the now-infamous concept of masturbation-via-dessert and giving a generational update to the May-December romance under the euphemism “Stifler’s mom.” This latter concept is a direct result of Thomas’s performance in the film: his character Paul Fincher, a precocious sophisticate, attempts to seduce the mother of one of his friends, the now-infamous Mrs. Stifler. Best Coordinated TV Episode Group Costumes? Thomas also had a small role in the Michael Cera hit Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, also released in 2008. Telewizyjny debiut Eddie'go Kaye'a Thomasa miał miejsce w odcinku "The tale of the curious camera" słynnej serii Czy boisz się ciemności?. on Eddie Kaye Thomas (born October 31, 1980) is an actor he plays Paul Finch in American Pie.

https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/eddie-kaye-thomas-45331.php He has worked consistently in both films and television since the early 2000s, playing supporting roles in the Tom Greene vehicle Freddy Got Fingered and, in the stoner, -favorite Harold & Kumar films (2004’s Go to White Castle and then its sequel in 2008: Escape from Guantanamo Bay).

Eddie Kaye Thomas (ur.

Filmowy dorobek Eddie'go Kaye'a Thomasa zawiera również niezależne filmy: Furia - Carrie 2 (1999) oraz kontrowersyjny obraz Jamesa Tobacka Czarne i Białe (1999), w którym Eddie wystąpił wraz z gwiazdami: Robertem Downey'em Jr., Jaredem Leto i Elijahem Woodem. In all four films comprising the widely popular comedy series, Thomas has played Paul Fincher, one of the best friends of lead character Jim Levenstein, portrayed by actor Jason Biggs.

Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? Thomas also appeared in an episode of the touchstone Keri Russell series Felicity, one of several shows that captured the spirit and mood of idealized American youth in the 1990s. Looking for something to watch?

In this way, the film offers a comedic update of a trope introduced to American cinema during the sexually revolutionized 1960s through such classics as Mike Nichols’s The Graduate (1967) and Hal Ashby’s Harold and Maude (1971), in which older women are romantically and sexually involved with younger men.

By 10, he had appeared in "Richard III" with the Brooklyn Shakespeare Company. (2010-2011). Najwidoczniej Eddie ma predyspozycje do gry w specyficznych filmach oraz wizualnie pasuje do takich ról. He continues to work on the stage and is currently appearing at The San Diego Old Globe in a production of Steve Martin’s The Underpants.

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