darning socks with a light bulb

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When a sock had a hole in it and to save money as not to buy new socks, a variety of objects was used from a light bulb or gourd place inside the sock and pulling the part where the hole was quite tightly over the object. My husband bought this for my birthday....I love it! Now, take your threaded needle and weave it under and over the vertical yarn that cover the hole; and. Believe it or not, darning Socks can get addictive. For this tutorial, we'll be using a baseball bat. Keep going until the hole is completely healed up. Was darning them using a light bulb but feared breaking it and having glass everywhere. Once the patch is woven in, the scales on the wool in the yarn and the garment will rise in the next washing or with the heat and moisture of the next wearing, and then lock together, “healing” the thin spot.

3. Then we removed the sock, turned it right side out, slid it back onto the bulb and stitched the patch around the hole. After each long stitch, continue the row to the edge of the stitched circle. I promise I won’t ask you to braise it or grill it. You can choose to do this at right angles or diagonally to your first set of stitches (see my note above for help on this!). Insert your needle about 1/8" away from the hole in the sock, or outside of the weak area of the sock.

A CFL I put in yesterday has a five-year warranty. Make these rows of long strings as close together as possible. An easy way to do this is to weave the needle into the fabric first, then pull through to make a series of stitches at once.

A light bulb can very easily break and at least leave a bunch of shards in your sock even if you manage not to get cut. Posts that are commercial, self-promotional, obscene, rude, or disruptive will be removed. The light bulb will be used in place of what is called a darning egg, which you can buy if you want to, and will keep the hole supported and make your repair much easier. Before we dive in, here are a few things to give you the best chance at darning success: It’s best to catch holes before they get too large. In terms of the economics: The savings in going from a 100-watt incandescent to a 23-watt CFL, say, are so potentially significant that, depending on where you live (electricity and bulb costs, length of the night that you were leaving them on for), even that short life could be about break-even. My husband bought this for my birthday....I love it!

Stitch across the finished rows, creating the 'columns' of the grid. Be sure not to make the hole any bigger than it already is though. Weave in over and under the rows of strings on the hole.

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I’m getting a lot of requests for this post since the weather changed. How to Darn a Sock—Begin to Stitch the Rows, How to Darn a Sock—Finish Stitching the Rows, How to Darn a Sock—Begin to Stitch the Columns. First, we were so poor that we couldn't blow money on a darning egg, so we used the forbidden light bulb. Make your rows of stitching the same width apart as the width of your thread. Darning is however a sewing technique and before the time of mass production it was a fairly common practice. Something we recently acquired came with a couple of the little cone-shaped halogen lamps.

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